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Today I’m going to tell you how a group of traders generate double- and even triple-digit gains from blue-chip stocks.

Not over the course of months or years… but usually in under two weeks. Recently, it even delivered a 125.5% return in less than a day!

They do it by following my Precision Profits system. And although it is a trading system, the philosophy that underpins it takes a page out of how Warren Buffett times his investments.

Simply put, my system finds buying opportunities when blue-chip stocks pull back. When other traders are panicking and dumping shares, my system signals which stocks to buy (and when) that have the highest likelihood of quickly bouncing higher.  

Or how Buffett put it: “…try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful”

If you’ve been a trader for a while, you know how difficult it is to time a buy when a stock is falling. And in general, most traders shouldn’t even try — it’s called “catching a falling knife” for a reason.

But my Precision Profits system doesn’t blindly buy any stocks… or arbitrarily time the purchase. Instead, it focuses on the strongest stocks over the past six, three and one-month periods that have fallen into the “rebound zone.”

Let me show you what I mean…

Starbucks had been one of the strongest blue-chips in the market and was trading near $68 in Dec. The stock then violently pulled back:  

Then, on Jan. 7, 2019, my Precision Profits system alerted me to SBUX. It was saying that shares were in the “rebound zone” and should move higher, fast. So I told my small group of followers how exactly I planned to trade it.

And in just two weeks, we generated 41.9% from Starbucks!

How powerful is that? Most buy-and-hold investors would have to own Starbucks for years to make that kind of return. And if they bought at the top, before the correction, it could take a lot longer than that (just ask folks who bought just about any tech stock in 2000).

This isn’t an isolated example. My system has identified dozens of these trades in real-time. Overall, the system has an incredible win-rate of 70% with an average gain of 85% per winner.

Immediately after closing the SBUX trade, my system identified CSX Corporation, a $60 billion railroad company, as a Precision Profits play. The story was the same. CSX was one of the strongest stocks in the market — meaning it was outperforming its peers over several time periods — when it fell into the rebound zone.

And like Starbucks, shares quickly rebounded:

In this case, we generated 56.9% in two weeks.

I could go on and on with similar examples… 54.3% on CTSH in 12 days, 40.7% on AKAM in 2 days… 65.5% on QQQ in 1 day. The charts would look similar, too: A stock or ETF in a strong uptrend that pulls back into the rebound-zone, triggering a near-perfect entry point.

Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that. I use several indicators to identify the stocks that are most likely to rebound in conjunction with other indicators that tell me when they should rebound.

Based on its long-term track record and my research, I’m confident my Precision Profits system will continue to find these kinds of winning trades. You can learn more about i here, free of charge.

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