President Trump's longtime friend & adviser, Roger Stone is a free man!
Just days before he was scheduled to report to prison for a 3 year sentence... Trump intervened and commuted his sentence.
But hurry — there's no telling if the establishment will try to silence him again!

Today I’m looking at the call-to-put ratio, which is sending out a major signal to the market.

The ratio tells us whether investors are pouring money into calls (bullish sentiment) or puts (bearish sentiment).

I usually only look at this ratio when it hits extremes and shows me one of two things:

1. Too many traders are buying puts because there’s a lot of fear in the market, or

2. They’re buying too many calls and the market is getting really exuberant.

Watch the video to find out what the ratio is signaling and what it means for the markets.

In today’s video I’m also covering:

  • Is the consumer discretionary sector making its way back up?
  • Will the market become less fragmented soon?
  • The 3 strongest stocks in the entire S&P 500.
  • How to crush the market in 2020.

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