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On Friday, I told you about one of my top Cyborg stocks — Communications Systems (JCS).

Odds are you hadn’t heard of this company. It’s tiny… with a market cap of about $70 million. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s some fly-by-night startup. 

The firm has been around since 1969 and has around 240 employees. And one of the factors Cyborg loves about JCS is that it has beat EPS estimates over the past two quarters, including crushing EPS estimates by 171% last quarter.

Positive and growing earnings is just one of the factors that Cyborg looks for. It also looks at analyst rating and a host of technical indicators that helps my Cyborg system time trades. 

And in the two days since I told you about JCS it’s up an absurd 15%. The shares, not the options.

(By the way, I’m about to release four new Cyborg trades today. Let me know here if you want me to send them to you.)

I’ll be the first to admit that one trade doesn’t definitively prove anything. But here’s the thing, my Cyborg system has delivered massive returns in just days over and over again. JCS is far from an isolated example. 

Check out some other trades Cyborg has pinpointed:

How are these kinds of returns possible?

As you can probably tell, the stocks Cyborg trades aren’t the Walmarts and Exxons of the world. Instead, it zeroes in on the most explosive stocks in the market… small companies. 

The value of multi-billion-dollar companies simply don’t have the potential to double in a short period of time. While small companies like JCS absolutely can… 

And chances are you’re not taking advantage of these overlooked smaller companies. That’s why I created Cyborg… to help you maximize gains, reduce risk and give you a steady flow of my top top trades.

Thy system is usually in four trades at a time and the holdings are updated weekly. And my next trades are going live TODAY.

As you’ve seen, the stocks Cyborg alerts tend to move quickly. So if you want to get in on them sign up here now and I’ll send you an email with all the trade details.

Roger Scott