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stock market movers this week pairs trading etfs

Why Am I Bullish on Crypto? It’s Like the Internet in the Early ’90s

I get a lot of questions about cryptocurrencies. They run the gamut from basic beginner stuff to advanced trading… I also get asked a lot why I’m bullish on crypto. So briefly, what are cryptocurrencies and why are they valuable and so popular? Cryptos give you a decentralized platform, which […]
stock market movers this week pairs trading etfs

3 Gambling Company Stocks to Bet on America’s Reopening

Investing in the best gambling company stocks is one of the top back-to-normal trades in the market right now… About six or seven months ago, once we found out vaccines would begin rolling out to the masses, I started talking about the “COVID X” pattern we would see.  Basically, as […]
stock market movers this week pairs trading etfs

3 Stocks Raising Dividend Payouts — and 1 ETF to Track Them All

Three companies raised their quarterly dividend payouts just last week, which is generally a sign of strength and growing business…  And stocks raising dividends bodes well for investor psyche, giving them more confidence in a company and raising morale, which is important in the market.  So today we’re going to […]
stock market movers this week pairs trading etfs

Do NOT Chase the AMC Short Squeeze. Do This Instead…

Up to this week’s midway point, 2021 has been the year of the meme stock short squeeze. First, we had GameStop mania back in January, and then again in March. And this week has been all about the AMC short squeeze… What is a short squeeze? In plain English, when […]
stock market movers this week pairs trading etfs

The Top Stocks to Profit From Goods With the Most Pent-Up Demand

Thanks to the pandemic, there’s a supply shortage in seemingly everything these days… from semiconductors to ketchup packets to just about anything you can think of.  So today I’m going to share ways to profit from the supply chain shortages we’re seeing in 2021. If you’re unaware, the massive shortage […]
stock market movers this week pairs trading etfs

Is It Time to Buy This Gold and Silver Uptrend?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of money move out of certain sectors of the market and flow elsewhere. And this past year in March 2020, when a similar thing was happening, gold and silver stocks were among the first to take off as buyers sought a […]

Trade Alert (June 14): Check Out This HOT Bio Tech Play Today!

Hello, everyone! I’m Adam Sarhan, and you should have received my free Alpha Intel Weekly Watchlist in your inbox earlier today. I send this out every Monday (or the first trading day each week) and since we appreciate having you as a reader…  It’s time for a FREE trade alert […]
stock market movers this week pairs trading etfs

How to Be an Alpha Trader: See How We Rack up Big Win After Big Win

I get a lot of questions in regard to Alpha Trader about how and when we get in and out of trades… how we lock in overnight gains… so on and so forth… So today I’d like to break down some recent trades to give you an inside look at […]
stock market movers this week pairs trading etfs

Home Prices Are Soaring Like 2008. Cash in With These Stocks

Pardon the pun, but the price of housing right now is through the roof… And there are a ton of stocks to profit from soaring home prices.  We haven’t seen anything like this since 2004 into the ’08 crash, when housing and commodity prices were ripping higher and higher… And […]