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The Snowflake IPO Was Massive. But Is it a Buy?

The biggest initial public offering of the year — and the largest software IPO ever — hit the open market Wednesday as shares of cloud-based tech company Snowflake went public.  Shares of Snowflake Inc. (NYSE: SNOW) surged more than 110%, closing at $253.93. The Snowflake IPO saw 28 million shares […]
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How to Profit With Bear Funds

Every so often I come across something that I file away in my personal “Words That Haunt Us” folder.  It contains things that Wall Street strategists say during and after sharp market corrections. I’ve come to notice that many of them push for people to go long on a stock, […]
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Snapback Rallies: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

A month ago I released a video predicting the stock market rally would end by Labor Day weekend. A similar incident occurred back in 2000 when the dot-com bubble ended. Back then we saw a rally last through the summer, followed by a sell-off after Labor Day weekend — right […]
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Tech Stocks Tanked, But Here’s What Worked

The stock market taught us a huge lesson this past Thursday and Friday… but were you paying attention? The major sell-offs that happened during those two day demonstrated a great point in trading and investing: When you notice that key parts of the market are overstretched, exactly like tech stocks […]
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Apple: Overvalued and Ready to Sell

Apple… It’s a great stock to own and a great stock to trade. But it’s also a perfect example of how investor enthusiasm for a stock can inflate prices (even if investors were cold just months before). Recognizing that cycle of fear and greed — while having at least some […]
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A Double by New Year’s: Spotting Hot Stocks in Unlikely Places

Today, I’m letting you in on one of my closest held trading secrets: How I look and find explosive stocks. And surprise, surprise! While filming this, I found one stock I really like… contrary to popular belief.  This company has everything you don’t want in a stock: If you look […]
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Time to Buy Airline Stocks?

Ever heard of Pavlov’s dog theory?  Back in the 1890s, Ivan Pavlov discovered that certain events can trigger conditioned and learned responses from dogs. Pavlov began ringing a bell every time he gave the dogs food. And after repeating this for some time, he rang the bell without giving food. […]
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The Drone Economy: Profit From This ‘Missing Piece’ of the Puzzle

I didn’t plan on covering drones again so soon, but I can’t let this opportunity the marketing gods dropped in our laps go. We already know that fortunes are being made on the promises of what they could do for us. But what’s going to ensure the longevity and future […]
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One Stock Energy Insiders Love to Buy

How do you snag massive investments that are still off the radar and underneath Wall Street’s nose? Well, sometimes it literally pays to sit back and wait.  The key to great investing is simple: Anticipate where the good trades are going to be, not chasing them all over the markets […]