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nonfarm payrolls for April

Is the Vaccine Release Causing a New Kind of Fever?

All over the developed world, the much-anticipated COVID-19 vaccine is beginning to roll out. Today, I sat down with trading experts Roger Scott, James West, Adam Sarhan and Jeff Yastine to discuss our trading strategies right now and what we expect from the stock market after the vaccine. Last week, […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Buying Presents With Bitcoin

We’ve almost made it to the end of the craziest year I’ve ever seen. So to wrap up the week, I’m going to give my thoughts on IPOs, the stock market and, as a treat, my 2021 Bitcoin forecast. I can define this year with one word: volatility. Month-by-month, week-by-week, […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Buy It and Burn It: Battle of the Streaming Titans — Disney vs. Netflix

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of “Buy It and Burn It.” Today, I’m giving away the hot stocks early: We’re looking at two of the biggest streaming services available — Disney vs. Netflix. As we gear up to finish off 2020, we need to take a look at these […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

How Initial Public Offerings Work

With all the hubbub this week regarding the initial public offerings of both DoorDash and Airbnb, it’s a great time to go over exactly how IPOs work and see how this particular sausage is made. “How do IPOs work?” is a question I get asked all the time, so this […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Digging for Gold: Our Gold Stock Predictions

It may not be new, but it’s definitely shiny. Gold could be the cure to your pandemic stock market woes. Join me at today’s roundtable discussion as we talk about our gold stock predictions for 2021. All I ever talk about anymore is COVID-19 — and for good reason. The […]
December 2020 stock market predictions

Will COVID-19 Push the Launch Button, or Will a Vaccine Save the Day?

It’s well-known that I like to take things a month at a time, and last session we looked at our recap of November. Now, I want to look forward to my December 2020 stock market predictions. The wild ride of 2020 continues as we continue to see a spike in […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

A November to Remember

Guys, we’ve reached the end of another crazy month… And as we head into the last month of 2020, we also wrap up what I’ve been calling a “November 2020 rally to remember.” And with that, there’s no better time than the present to look back and try to get […]
December 2020 stock market predictions

2020 Market Recap: Ultra Bullish Market During Massive Pandemic?

I have to admit, it’s impressive how well the market has done over the past year. With all business has had to deal with, it would be easy to conclude a 2020 market recap by writing it all off as just another casualty of this terrible year. But that hasn’t happened! […]
Your vote will affect your investments

What Happens When Politics and Economics Collide…

I want to start by saying this is not a political newsletter. As much as people are talking about politics right now, that is not my area of expertise. But it’s hard to be right at the end of a major election cycle and NOT talk about how it’s affecting […]