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Bitcoin Blasts Through $60K as Crypto Wallet Coinbase Goes IPO Tomorrow

The digital age is upon us, folks. Bitcoin shot through the $60,000 barrier to post a new all-time high of $63,728 just moments ago. And just so you know how insane this move is, I have had to edit that last sentence three times since I began writing. Source: Bloomberg […]

Market Masters: FAANG Stocks Are Back, Headed for Another Green Jacket

I love this time of year. Temperatures are warming up, Cherry Blossoms are blooming in D.C. and the greatest golf tournament in the world is just getting started. Granted, I might be a little biased — my birthday is on Monday — but some of my favorite childhood memories center […]

Ripple Effects: Crypto Market Cap Blasts Over $2T in Regulatory Shadow

Although Bitcoin prices cooled off somewhat after hitting the $60,000 mark for the third time in the past month, other cryptocurrencies have been blasting off lately. Some of that news has centered on Ethereum, the second-largest coin by market cap, which has quadrupled since December.  But Ripple (XRP) — dogged […]

Opening Up and Breaking It Down: Here’s What Matters in Biden’s $2T Infrastructure Plan

Wow, today’s headlines were all over the map. CNBC ran headlines that literally said that the March jobs report was going to be great, followed by a line saying jobless claims were higher than expected. Source: CNBC Which is it? It’s definitely not both. Meanwhile, the genius journalists at Bloomberg […]

Here’s What the Suez Ship and the Archegos Fund Implosion Really Mean To Markets

In the Venture Society article from March 25, I tried to make a principled point. I recognize that financial news media does provide a service — specifically, delivery of real-time market information. But when it comes to any analysis that requires real subject matter expertise — like supply chain logistics […]

New York Is Legalizing Cannabis. These Two Stocks Are Set to Rip

New York state legislators finalized a deal Thursday morning that will legalize recreational marijuana. I can’t even begin to describe how huge that is for the industry. For starters, it unleashes a potential $4.2 billion dollar industry on the country’s largest urban market.  But more importantly, it’s going to create […]

Forget Tesla — This Is the Best Stock for the EV Revolution

Living here in the greater D.C. area — where top-end incomes tend to be higher — you can’t throw a rock without hitting a Tesla. They’re everywhere. And naturally, so are insufferable Tesla fanboys. In general, I like the cars and the innovative direction of the company, but for some, […]

Uranium Is on Fire, and the Secret Russian Interview

Just over a year and a half ago Katusa Research put out a very negative report on Uranium. But not for reasons that you might think… The uranium industry was left for dead. It became the “other yellow metal”. My thinking was this: I wanted to put together the absolute […]

U.S., China Set for Frosty Alaska Summit… But This Might Warm Things Up

For the first time in this new administration, China and U.S. senior officials are about to meet face to face… And tensions are high. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan are set to fly to frosty Anchorage, Alaska today, where they are likely to encounter […]