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Is Big Oil the New Tobacco?

The Surgeon General first concluded that cigarettes cause cancer and other diseases in its historic 1964 report. From 1976 to 1993, six independent studies found smoking accounted for between 6 and 8 percent of US healthcare costs, which amounted to more than $50 billion in 1993. To recover these costs, […]

Biden Wins Electoral College: What His First 100 Days Will Look Like

Well, it’s official… After much hemming and hawing, the Electoral College cast their votes yesterday.  And despite the near-constant din of denial, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. was confirmed as our new President-elect.  Although there were some concerns to the contrary, precisely zero so-called “faithless electors” factored into this year’s vote — awarding Biden his full allotment of […]

Four “I’s” Moving Markets Today: IPO’s, Initial Claims, Inflation, and Interest Rates

When my wife and I were still dating, there was a period of about a year (2008-2009) where she worked as an actress in New York City. And while I would have loved to tag along, I had just started on a new career path as an energy consultant and […]

Bitcoin vs Gold – Part 1

Ok this week I will introduce my two part series on Bitcoin vs Gold. To all the crypto players out there, I am on your side. But what I am going to share this week – and conclude next week – will shock the Bitcoin world… using advanced math to […]

Bond Fire: Santa Ana Winds Deal Another Blow to US Economy

California firefighters have been incredibly busy this year. Back in August, lightning from the remnants of Tropical Storm Fausto ignited roughly 600 fires across the northern part of the state. The blazes burned somewhere between 1.5 million and 2.1 million acres to the ground… all in the span of just 2-3 weeks. Beating […]

En Lagarde: ECB to Issue Stimulus as Euro Soars

It was nice to have a long weekend to rest up after the absolute barrage of economic data and news that came out last week before the holiday. It was frankly a lot of work to process, but I powered through knowing that procrastination was all but impossible given the […]

Gold and Silver: Melt, or Meltdown?

Since early July, I’ve told my subscribers in the precious metals markets to take a Katusa Free Ride on all our gold stocks. Thus, all but one stock in our portfolio has a zero-cost base and we are flush with cash. Is it time to jump in right now? Before we get […]

A Guide to ESG Investing and How Much Money Is at Stake

ESG Investing Makes You “Feel Good”. As Forbes correctly pointed out, there is another motive at play than just chasing big profits… Investing in ESG companies and funds makes you look good. A recent poll found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of people think more positively of billionaires that stop investing […]

Second Wave: New US COVID Outbreaks Stifle Vaccine Rally

Although last week’s news about the Pfizer vaccine pushed markets up to new all-time highs, they have since struggled somewhat to regain those top levels. Surprisingly, even Moderna’s Monday announcement of another competing 95% effective vaccine couldn’t stage an effective push back into the stratosphere. That pattern is remarkably similar to the rangebound action […]