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Silver Squeeze? Who Cares… Buy This Instead

If you faded the Reddit/WallStreetBets narrative and “diamond hands”-ed your puts, you are making some bank today. Despite huge reversals in high short interest stocks — shares of GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) are currently trading 75% below last week’s high — the story continues to take hold of the markets. […]

‘Sir, This is a Casino’ — Shorts and What’s Next

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the website Reddit. It’s an online forum where users can join communities based on their interests, like sports, video gaming, gardening… or even investing. And one of these investing communities on Reddit has blown up in a big way: Named “WallStreetBets”, this Reddit […]

Did Robinhood and Other Brokers Team Up to Swindle Retail Traders?

Man, I am fired up. First off, I understand that beliefs and preferences tend to vary from person to person — I’ll even give you a few examples. I believe that baseball is the greatest game on the planet… Though lots of folks think it’s boring. I believe in correct […]

GameStop Bulls Crushed Hedge Funds. This Stock Could Be Next

Unless you were unconscious yesterday, chances are you heard about the massive short squeeze on GameStop initiated by a ragtag bunch of Redditors. The audacious posts put forth by the “WallStreetBets” crowd were honestly a boatload of fun to watch last year while we were all at home in sweatpants. […]

TikTok… Beware of a Bond Bomb

A bull market can make an average or even rookie investor feel smarter than a Wall Street or Bay Street vet. First time investors are throwing darts at a board blindfolded and coming up with big winners. They’re putting their “Stimmy’s” (stimulus checks) to work in Robin Hood… getting free […]

How the VIX Can Help You Time This Market

At heart, I’ve always been a fundamentals guy. After all, I came up through the boring old mining research industry, where supply and demand rules all. When prices are high, mining companies spend money to expand production. When they all expand production together, then supply begins to ramp up faster […]

The Death of Keystone XL and the Myth of US Energy Independence

Sometime tomorrow after Joseph R. Biden, Jr. takes the Presidential Oath of Office, one of his first actions will be to issue an executive order cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline permit. The highly anticipated move will be lauded by liberals, praised by progressives, and applauded by environmentalists. It will also […]

The FOMO Indicator: ‘We’re Near the Edge of Playing With Fire’

“It takes character to sit with all that cash and do nothing. I didn’t get to where I am by going after mediocre opportunities.” – Charlie Munger I started with nothing. Granted, I was blessed to have an incredibly supportive family. But with regards to wealth creation, I didn’t have […]

Bitcoin Blowup: Crypto Crashes and Cash Correlations

When I sit down in the morning to log in and peruse the markets, I usually start off by scrolling through my newsfeed on Twitter. Given I have to cover several markets simultaneously, I’ve curated all the people I follow into broad categories and assigned them to lists that I […]