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nonfarm payrolls for April

Crypto Investing 101 and Things to Consider For Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have made a lot of headlines the past few years. We’re still in the early stages of what cryptos could become, and you have to understand they’re volatile by nature… But a lot of people have been asking for my philosophy behind investing in crypto, […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Coinbase: The Latest, Shiny New IPO Is Here. But Is It a Buy?

We had another initial public offering this week, but with a new twist: It was a crypto IPO for Coinbase… Coinbase, if you’re not familiar, is an online brokerage company just like Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity or any of the others. But instead of buying and selling stocks, you’re buying […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

What I Look For in Earnings Season Plays

Earnings season is here, and here in a big way… so what are some factors to consider around earnings season plays? Well, on Tuesday, we discussed my method for building a cushion around your stocks by not buying too close to earnings season.  Today I want to expand on that […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

How To Build an Earnings ‘Cushion’ To Protect Your Stocks From Losses

We’re entering earnings season, and every time you buy a stock there’s something you should keep in mind… When the stock is going to report quarterly earnings!  You need to always make sure there’s enough distance around earnings when you buy a stock just in case it gaps down on […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

How To Beat Hedge Funds at Their Own Game By Squeezing Short Sellers

Short squeezes have been all the rage this year after what happened with GameStop. Some colleagues are referring to it as the short squeeze of the century.  And there’s no doubt about that. And because of it, many people want to know how to squeeze short sellers. I’m excited about […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

My Top Restaurant Stocks for a Post-Pandemic America

We’ve been discussing getting “back to normal” names a lot recently, so I wanted to touch on the top restaurant stocks that should thrive as America’s grand reopening continues.  Millions of Americans are getting their COVID-19 vaccinations each day — and just about everyone has the itch to get out […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

How We Bagged a 104% Winner on Our First Trade — in Just 3 Days

We just finished our first week with my new Infinity Profit Plays service, so I wanted to touch base and let everyone know how it went and how it works… It was a rousing success! First, let’s talk about the trade itself, which was on Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc. […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

The Economy Is Booming. Here’s What To Expect the Rest of 2021

The economy is booming right now, but what can  we expect through the rest of 2021? The second quarter just started with the first day of April, and there are a few key things to consider moving forward… The first is we have a massive $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Is It Time To Buy Back-To-Normal Cruise and Airline Stocks?

I can’t wait until the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us — way behind us… Hopefully we can go on and never look back at this again, and instead look to better times ahead. That said, there are a number of so-called “back-to-normal stocks” that will benefit from America’s grand reopening […]