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[REVEALED] The 7 Lies Joe Biden Has Told His Supporters

Joe Biden will tell you he’s going to be better for America than President Donald Trump. Biden has even gone so-far as to claim Trump lied his way into the Oval Office. And he’ll say anything to his supporters to make them believe it… even if they are downright LIES. […]

[EXPOSED] Police Groups Pouring Money to Top Dems

It’s no secret (or surprise) that liberals and progressives are leading the charge to ‘defund’ police department across the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd. What IS a surprise is that police groups across the country are giving money to Democrats… a lot of it! According […]

Bernie Sanders Just Said WHAT About the Police?!

It’s no surprise that the growing ‘defund the police’ movement is spreading like wildfire amongst liberals. But what may surprise you is that one of the biggest liberals in the country ISN’T down with the movement. Yep, we’re talking about Bernie Sanders! And he DOESN’T agree with the growing call […]

AOC’s Career Is in Jeopardy (Trump’s Revenge?)

Since the day she was elected, far-left Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has ruffled all sorts of feathers. AOC has rubbed so many people the wrong way, even members of the Democratic Party have had enough of her. Now there’s a new twist in the on-going AOC saga. This time it involves […]

George W. Bush Drops 2020 Election BOMBSHELL

Former President George W. Bush hasn’t been in the White House for years, but that’s not stopping him from making some big news ahead of the upcoming presidential election. In fact, Bush is diving straight into the teeth of the matchup between President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe […]

Power Women’s Movement Brewing on Capitol Hill (And You’ll Love It)

Remember when the Women’s March took D.C. by storm a few years ago? Well, there’s a new movement of powerful women ready to take on D.C. And this time, they are coming for Capitol Hill (literally). As first reported by Newsmax, more Republican women than ever are seeking House seats […]

The ‘Bern’ Is Over! And Why Joe Biden Is FREAKING OUT

Remember when progressives across the country were ‘Feeling the Bern’ about their fearless leader Bernie Sanders? Well, Sanders may be out of the picture when it comes to be the next president, but Bernie Sanders and his army of minions aren’t going anywhere. Now once-loyal Sanders supporters are turning on […]

Liberals SPEECHLESS After Seeing This Trump, Biden Poll

Remember back in 2016 when it was a forgone conclusion from the liberal media that Hillary Clinton was going to defeat Donald Trump in the presidential election? You know, because of her wide margins in national polls? Well, the same thing appears to be happening again… and it’s pointing to […]

Dick Morris Hints at Joe Biden, China BRIBERY Scandal

Famed political advisor and strategist Dick Morris knows a thing or two about what it takes to be in the White House. After all, he helped shape Bill Clinton’s presidency and was one of Clinton’s top advisors. Now Morris is sounding the alarms about yet ANOTHER Joe Biden scandal… and […]