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A Look at the FX Markets


A Look at the Markets


Money Is Flowing Into THIS Sector


$1 A Week Diet

It’s been a while, but I’ve been down big time financially before. I’ve never made any secret of that. It was bad. It was no fun. And I traded my way out of it. Maybe that’s why everyone always asks me what’s the easiest way to succeed as a trader, […]

April Showers Bring May… Dollars!?


How to Judge the ‘Health’ of Your Trading Account


Bank Stocks Remain a Red Flag

Financials, we have to talk about them… The outbreak has placed financial institutions into a sticky situation that has made their stocks challenging to invest in. In fact, the financials are currently some of the market’s worst players. Companies like Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, and even Goldman Sachs are showing […]

Coaching Goals for May

May is here, and as a little treat, I’m reviewing trades I’m targeting and some key goals we’re setting for ourselves this month. First, I’m going to scan around 200 financial instruments — they’ll show us where the money is flowing and inside are buying. Then, we’ll look for a […]

The Fundamentals of Fundamentals

We tend to do a lot of high-level analysis when we talk to our subscribers.  We talk about market trends. We talk about the overall direction of things. Sometimes we dig into a chart, but usually it’s in a 5,000-foot view sort of way. And honestly, we think that’s great. […]