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Your vote will affect your investments

How to Pick Winning Trades

As I explained recently, forecasting the future price movement of a stock — or ETF — on a consistent basis is no easy task. But there’s one trick you can use to get around it…   If you exploit a mechanical system like the one I use to follow trends instead […]
Trump and Biden

3 Software Stocks Worth Mentioning

As most of you know, I’ve always been a big fan of software stocks even before the pandemic hit.  Why wouldn’t I be?  The sector is up more than 30% year to date, compared to the S&P 500’s measly 3%.  But with the prices of what I call the “usual […]

Limit Your Exposure With These 3 Biotech ETFs

Over the past several months, I’ve been selecting some of the best sectors and stocks to help us ride out the current economic storm.  But as I explained last week, instead of looking at individual companies that may come out with a virus vaccine, we might be better off moving […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Bubble or No Bubble

No one wants to say that the market is in a bubble, and I get it. The term has been overused. But as I watch the S&P 500 and NASDAQ drift higher, I can’t help but notice traders throwing themselves into the same stocks and really driving their prices higher.  […]

Newly Released Tech Earnings Shock Investors

I told you on Monday that this was a big tech week, and now we see why… Earnings reports were released today for companies like Microsoft and Tesla — with the latter being up over 50% for the month! But this isn’t the only industry we’re excited about right now… […]

Whatever Happened to Crude Oil?

Where has crude oil gone? Has it recovered? Is the bull finally on the run?  For some reason this week, my eyes keep wandering toward oil again and again. If you remember, crude oil had a major collapse earlier this year, so much so that crude oil futures were actually […]

Secure Cyber Stocks on Red Alert

Whether you know it or not, your computer, phone, and tablet are always under some type of cyber attack…

Market Internals Are Shifting

Global markets are lower this morning as friction between China and the U.S. continues to increase, along with growing concerns over aid to American citizens and businesses.

U.S. vs China Tensions Continue to Rise

Despite a mixed day of trading in Asia, European shares opened higher this morning while U.S. futures also advanced.
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