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Dangerous Momentum Levels Ahead

A few days back, I gave you a list of my favorite momentum stocks to follow right now. Since then, my inbox has blown up!

I See A Storm Coming… Are You Prepared?

So far, this week has been one to watch, but a lot of the things happening aren’t the kinds of things we like to talk about…

Investors Are Focused Here… But It’s a Mistake

Markets gained momentum this morning after the Fed decided to ease rules restricting banks’ powers to invest in hedge funds and other similar areas that could ultimately help boost bank profits. That’s really positive for the market, and has caused investors to set their sights on companies that will continue to thrive once the pandemic is over.

Can Robotic Stocks Automate Your Profits?

In the next few years, we’re going to see major developments that’ll bring this sector to the forefront of technology for decades to come. Numerous companies -- including Google -- were already incorporating this coming wave into their business models. Then came the virus, which placed a premium on this specific kind of tech solution...

I’m Watching These Numbers Closely…

Today I’m back home in beautiful Miami. As you may know, I’ve been away but still able to keep in touch with you guys --staying up to date with current market trends during my travels.

How to Trade This Major Airliner News

There’s more bad news for airliners, but this time, it’s AAL. The company intends to raise another $3.5 billion to weather the current economic storm.

Stocks Slip as Cases Hold Steady

While the markets have mostly been in rally mode since April, the recent surge in new virus cases in the U.S. has undercut almost all optimism for a quick economic turnaround. In fact, world shares slipped this morning as investors are worried that the reopening of businesses may have to be curtailed.

WealthPress TV

Roger Scott and Tom Busby have something important to say to every trader out there…

Thrive Even in This “Chop Shop Market”

The past few months, we saw some massive movement in the market and, yes, we got used to this good news. But now we’re about to enter what I call a “chop shop market.”