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Markets Rise on Hopes for Virus Vaccine

Global markets and Wall Street are on the rise this morning as hopes for the development of a virus vaccine intensify. In fact, many investors are optimistic after Pfizer and BioNTech announced positive data from an early-stage vaccine trial, but meanwhile states like California and Texas are reporting record highs in new cases.

4 Chart Tricks Traders Should Know

If you’re an active trader like me, then you already know that your charts are an integral part of your operation station.

Understanding Gold and Why its Going to Explode Higher

I am no longer surprised by how misunderstood gold is in the historical monetary context. Detractors like to point out its uselessness as a fungible unit of trade (you can’t buy a loaf of bread with a bar of gold) while wizened investors maintain a 10-15% allocation to gold in the event of a systemic failure in monetary currencies.

What Does This Breaking News Mean For 3rd Quarter Data?

Pandemic numbers are at an all-time high in America. Unemployment data is creating buying capitulation. The smartest economists are missing estimates by 6%. Nobody knows what’s happening.

4 Premium Stocks as Markets Drop

The U.S. is halting the reopening of the economy as virus cases hit record highs, stimulus money is running out and we don’t seem to be any closer to a vaccine or accurate testing…

Trading Tip Tuesday: Stop being a Loser

This trading tip is specifically designed for the brand-new (or inexperienced) trader who’s not giving themselves the opportunity to win.

Biggest Divergence Since February

The world stock market is rather subdued this morning as the global number of confirmed virus cases topped 10 million, causing some governments to consider postponing their reopening timeline. In fact, right when many people were expecting businesses to reopen, Texas and Florida have shut down bars once again...

Robinhood Trading Exposed: Steal from the Poor and Give to the Ultra Rich

It was touted as the trading platform set to level the playing field between the Wall Street one-percenters and the rest of the world. All thanks to its ease of access and nonexistent fees.

Earning Numbers and Stocks to Watch This Week

Earnings estimates have fallen sharply in the immediate aftermath of the global pandemic -- total S&P 500 earnings this year are expected to decrease nearly 24.1%...