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Best time to buy stocks Trump and Biden

The Biggest Trends in Each Major Index

Folks, today is the day that President Joe Biden officially takes office in the White House. So what does that mean for the stock market this morning? The futures market was up quite a bit and surprisingly so was the Nasdaq 100, which was up more than 120 points.  And […]
digital music stocks stock market predictions for 2021

Major Sector Is Making a Comeback

Global markets were strangely high on Tuesday morning despite it being a fragmented trading week and a somewhat subdued market. Futures (large caps, small caps, mid caps, techs and blue chips) are also up across the board… Why is that? I believe the markets are trying to rally ahead of […]
digital music stocks stock market predictions for 2021

4 Top Pot Stocks Every Investor Should Know in 2021

The top pot stocks for 2021 have actually been making big moves ever since the first U.S. presidential debate took place on Sept. 29.  The reason for that is obvious: With a Democratic president, there would be a strong possibility for marijuana to be legalized on a federal level, or […]
Best time to buy stocks Trump and Biden

The Best Time to Buy Stocks

The past year has been challenging for everybody. I truly get that.  And I’m here to help you figure these things out. So today I’m tackling one of the most frequently asked and most important questions I see in my inbox — what is the best time to buy stocks?  […]
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4 Stocks You’ll Want to Sell in 2021

Do you guys remember when all the stay-at-home stocks were really sailing while most other stocks just sank?  Well, remember this… The stock market assimilates or prices things in ahead of time. And right now (I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and hope I don’t jinx us), it seems […]
digital music stocks stock market predictions for 2021

The 2 Best Electric Vehicle Stocks to Watch in 2021

The electric vehicle revolution has finally begun, and I want YOU to come along with me for the ride…  With Democrats controlling the Senate and President-elect Joe Biden pledging to transition the U.S. economy away from the oil industry, electric vehicle stocks have become the group to watch in 2021.  […]
digital music stocks stock market predictions for 2021

5 Stock Market Predictions for 2021

I did something quite different last week. You see, I snuck all of my winning trades from 2020 into one short video.  You guys liked it! Since the response has been so great, I thought I’d hop back into the trading room for round two.  But this time, I’m sharing […]
Best time to buy stocks Trump and Biden

2 Biotech Stocks to Watch in 2021

Biotech stocks are hot on just about everyone’s radar right now.  It’s only natural since they’ve been the go-to stocks for most investors during quarantine, and President Trump just signed the $900 billion relief bill into law. A good amount of that money is going straight to healthcare to help […]
digital music stocks stock market predictions for 2021

How to Profit From Emerging Market Stocks

It’s easy to understand why investors tend to flock to the S&P 500 when searching for stocks to watch. It’s dependable and captures the pulse of the American corporate economy.  But what about the traders that are a little more adventurous?  Emerging market stocks are leading right now, meaning a […]