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3 Leading Consumer Stocks

The majority of the world is still facing lockdown mode, but there’s one industry that’s seeing a major increase in demand.  There’s always a bull market if you know where to look…  While canned meats and cleaning supplies are nowhere near as sexy as the latest iPhone or the hottest […]
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It’s Going to be a hot stock summer

With the first day of summer just around the corner, we’d usually be thrilled to switch up our wardrobes and settle into a more relaxed lifestyle… But this summer is a little different. While restrictions are loosening, many people won’t be returning to parks, swimming pools, gyms, or even movie […]
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2 Stocks Ready to Breakout

Working from home is no longer a privilege… it’s become a necessity due to recent stay-at-home orders.  With millions of people working remotely to reduce the spread, we’ve seen a surge in demand for technology and equipment that bring co-workers together digitally. Investors are paying particular attention to these two […]
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The Best 5G Stocks to Buy

One of the coolest things about tech stocks is that there’s always something on the horizon — whether it’s e-commerce, data center REITs, or even streaming video services.  That’s what investors love about 5G! It makes the world more powerful, safer, and goes without saying… at least 100x faster than […]
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Will These Be The Winners of 2020? [Sneak Peek]

I received a ton of messages from our members over the weekend, but the most frequent request I received (by far) was more stock picks.  It sounds like most of you are sitting around ready to put all your cash to work in the market, but my answer remains the […]
stock market recap Stock Market Update

Why I’m Bullish on Gold (Long-term)

As Warren Buffett once said, “Gold is a way of going long on fear.” During times of uncertainty, it’s gold that offers a “safe haven” to those looking for shelter from more traditional and volatile investments (like stocks). And compared to investments in stocks, where even the largest blue-chip companies […]
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Two Bargain Hunter Stocks for the Aggressive Investor

Risk is a double-edged sword…  The bigger the profit potential, the larger the risk. Volatility cuts both ways, and it doesn’t care if you’re long in the market or short.  Most people prefer waiting on the sideline until the pandemic passes. But there are still some aggressive investors that have […]
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Top Streaming TV Stocks to Buy

Streaming TV stocks are super-hot right now, and for all the right reasons…  Consumers around the world are stuck at home waiting for the pandemic to pass them by —  causing investors and traders to stockpile these two competitive assets, fast.  This could be a major catalyst for the long-term […]
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Bottom Fishing Leading Energy Stocks

Oil has run out of storage capacity, and unfortunately… it’s just that simple. According to RBC Capital, there’s more crude oil on the water right now being shipped to refineries that simply don’t need it.  That’s why several investors and traders alike have been asking me if it’s safe to […]