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Your vote will affect your investments

The 5 Macro Commandments

Near the beginning of every week, I like to remind my subscribers of the five things that traders should follow religiously… And this week I figured my WealthPress readers and viewers could benefit from this. In order to start seeing the stock market with eyes like Warren Buffett, it’s important […]
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My Favorite Drone Stock Is Gaining Altitude

I released a video on my favorite drone stock a couple of weeks ago, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc (Nasdaq: KTOS), and it is already up more than 10% — with the potential of having an important longer-term breakout moment soon. And while I will cover more on that […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Will the Stock Market Become Muddled?

Have you been paying attention to the S&P 500? Tuesday morning it was making new highs, and looking to continue to execute a retracing bounce higher. After taking a closer glance of it on my four-hour chart, I also noticed an intraday double-bottom pattern happening with the candlesticks — meaning […]
Your vote will affect your investments

How to Profit With Bear Funds

Every so often I come across something that I file away in my personal “Words That Haunt Us” folder.  It contains things that Wall Street strategists say during and after sharp market corrections. I’ve come to notice that many of them push for people to go long on a stock, […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Where Is the Trade?

I love reading. Nothing beats finding a good book and immersing yourself in one adventure or another. I guess you could say that’s why I’ve always found Wall Street to be so interesting. Every day that I look at my charts, I wonder what the stock market narrative is going […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Snapback Rallies: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

A month ago I released a video predicting the stock market rally would end by Labor Day weekend. A similar incident occurred back in 2000 when the dot-com bubble ended. Back then we saw a rally last through the summer, followed by a sell-off after Labor Day weekend — right […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Tech Stocks Tanked, But Here’s What Worked

The stock market taught us a huge lesson this past Thursday and Friday… but were you paying attention? The major sell-offs that happened during those two day demonstrated a great point in trading and investing: When you notice that key parts of the market are overstretched, exactly like tech stocks […]
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One Chart Pattern Every Trader Needs to See

Over the past several months, I’ve been picking the strongest stocks and sectors to help you ride out the current economic storm. But today, I figured I’d do something a little different. The reason for that is simple: One of my favorite chart patterns is setting up right now.  I […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Apple: Overvalued and Ready to Sell

Apple… It’s a great stock to own and a great stock to trade. But it’s also a perfect example of how investor enthusiasm for a stock can inflate prices (even if investors were cold just months before). Recognizing that cycle of fear and greed — while having at least some […]