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Fishing For Value With Pullbacks

Lately, I’ve been receiving a ton of emails from investors looking for value. The truth is, with the recent selloff, there are hundreds of stocks you could pick up that are undervalued from a traditional investment perspective.  But I’ve got a better solution. The best value right now is looking […]
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Top Pharma Stocks Trading Outside of the Business Cycle

We’ve experienced more trading action in the past month than ever before…  And while the overall market seems to be recovering (and trading above the 200-day MA), there are several clues indicating the foundation isn’t solid.  Volatility could be here to stay!  Now’s the perfect time to be extra careful, […]
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Locked Up Stocks Attempting to Breakout

If you’ve been watching all of my videos, then you already know that I love REITs. They’ve been a longtime favorite of mine because they offer a steady (and reliable) income stream for investors…  That leads us straight into today’s video!  I’ve been increasingly bullish on a specific group of […]
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The Next Smart Money Sector

In recent months, we’ve seen a few industries blow up — like technology, consumer discretionary, and even healthcare.  But sentiment is finally shifting…  The S&P 500 is now trading above the 200-day moving average, and savvy investors looking for growth (and safety) are planting their money right here.  And if […]
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Powering Your Portfolio With Battery Stocks

Over the past few months, the pandemic (and healthcare stocks) have been the highlight of everyone’s attention.  But other industries are beginning to heat up…  While some are more blatantly obvious than others (like canned foods), I’ve dug up a few hidden gems that are seeing a strong increase in […]
digital music stocks stock market predictions for 2021

2 Firearm Stocks I’m Watching Now…

Government statistics are showing that FBI background checks for firearms are going through the roof lately. This is something we’ve come to expect in election years, but the recent nationwide tensions have only boosted the public’s interest in personal protection. In fact, firearm sales are up 25% from last year […]
Best time to buy stocks Trump and Biden

Top Tech Stocks For 2020 And Beyond

Ever since the pandemic sent shock waves through the market, the #1 industry to bounce back has been technology…  In the past three months, this sector has gained 8%-plus!  But the REAL question is whether tech will continue to rise… or fall back in line with the overall market.  While […]
stocks ready to heat up

My Favorite Pre-Opening Indicator

Lately, I’ve been fixed on bringing you the strongest stocks and sectors in the market to help you get ahead.  But things are beginning to stabilize, which means our focus needs to change.  Today, I’ll explain why market internals are so important, why you should use my #1 favorite pre-market […]
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Hidden Fiber Optics 5G Gems

5G is just around the corner…  While it may seem like just a faster way to surf the internet, the savviest investors see it as a major technological breakthrough (and catalyst).   That’s what brings us to today’s stock picks…  Not only will 5G expand current technology, it’ll also increase bandwidth […]