Early Bird Trades


Will the Next Cold War Be with China?

Investors are spooked, and the markets are reflecting that. The U.S. stock market fell this morning, following Europe and Asia’s lead amid mounting tensions between Washington and China.  Bullish investors who were looking past the current economic woes to focus on signs of recovery now seem to be bracing for […]

Europe Fights Deepest Recession in Living Memory

Before I begin, I’d like to say Happy Birthday to my dad — without him, none of this would have been possible! Now getting into the market, last night Wall Street closed on a high note (the highest it’s been in three months) due to investors’ hopes of economies recovering […]

Markets React as NYSE Trading Floor Officially Reopens

Since late last week, the markets have been strong, allowing us to take advantage of a 2% move on Friday… Today’s numbers have been no different. In fact, the markets are currently soaring as the NYSE trading floor has officially reopened today after its recent shutdown. Can this positive movement […]

The Fastest Growing Hedge Funds You’ve Ever Seen

Stock markets look to be falling this morning, most likely led by Hong Kong's 6% decline after China considered a bill that would limit Hong Kong’s opposition activity.

Your Only Warning For a Huge Profit Opportunity Today

Global markets were subdued today as investors are still waiting to see how economies are going to be affected by the reopening process.

Market Rises… But These Numbers Look Grim

As the states begin to open again, we finally have a better grasp of what we can expect in the coming months, and it’s not all good news.

Terrible News For Wall Street

Global shares are jumping between gains and losses today as China’s economy shows signs of improvement while Germany could be falling into a recession.

News Out of L.A. Has Investors Worried

Last night we saw some interesting action as the market got down to a new low and then reversed itself.

I’m Giving Away My Trade of the Year!

I know this week is off to a rough start, with the Dow already giving up 210 points this morning, but I see it as an opportunity.