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FAANG stocks forecast 2021 Intel CEO stepping down

How Will the FAANG Stocks Forecast Look After Earnings?

It’s no secret that earnings season has started off with a bang — accompanied by the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden, the social media ban on the former president Donald Trump and a technological revolution spurred on by a global pandemic. With big technology […]
Beyond Meat Taco Bell deal

Why Investors Should Ignore the Beyond Meat-Taco Bell Deal

News dropped today that Beyond Meat will be teaming up with Taco Bell to create new menu items, and investors pounced. BYND shares soared more than 13% after the official announcement of the Beyond Meat and Taco Bell deal. Are you thinking about jumping on this opportunity too? Should you […]
FAANG stocks forecast 2021 Intel CEO stepping down

Anatomy of a Trade: Intel CEO Steps Down, Stock Options SOAR

Have you ever wondered how options trading can benefit you — from a risk vs. reward point of view — when there’s a major news catalyst? Take a look at news of the Intel CEO stepping down, sending shares sharply higher Wednesday. Intel CEO Steps Down and Stocks Soar Intel […]
GM electric delivery van

Anatomy of a Trade: GM EV News Sends Stock Soaring

We saw shares of General Motors leap to all-time highs Tuesday morning after the company revealed its new GM electric delivery van — and the possibility of flying cars. Much like the cars of “Back to the Future” (if GM has anything to do with it), the company’s stock shot […]
is NIO a buy how to trade an earnings event

Nio: Is Now the Time to Buy This Hot EV Stock?

The next generation of electric vehicles (EV) has arrived and this time, Tesla wasn’t the one leading the way…  This time, it was Nio, working together with Nvidia and Qualcomm. Nio flipped the EV market on its head when the company released its newest self-driving electric car… A car that […]
Tesla call options how to trade in 2021 how to short a stock

Profit From Tesla January Call Options

Elon Musk just became the richest man in the world, with a whopping net worth of more than $185 billion. On Jan. 7, Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) closed at $816 — a gain of more than 7% from the day’s open. With this move, Musk dethroned Jeff Bezos as the wealthiest […]
what to do when stocks go down Best Stock Under $10

3 Things To Do When Your Stocks Go Down

Unfortunately, when the stock market goes down so do the value of your stocks — there’s no way to avoid this. It’s easy for first-time traders to automatically go into panic mode and make rash decisions to “save” their portfolio when something like this occurs. What ends up happening in […]
Tesla call options how to trade in 2021 how to short a stock

How to Trade in 2021 Successfully

It may be a new year, but the volatility and investor cautiousness that defined 2020 has continued to follow us. On the first day of trading for 2021, we witnessed the Dow tumble 647 points over questions of whether there will be much economic recovery.  With so many uncertainties still […]
safe stocks to watch in 2021

‘Safe’ Stocks to Watch in 2021

There’s no way of predicting where 2021 is going to take us because everyday the stock market brings us something new to consider. No two days will ever be the same — it’s why investors find Wall Street so exciting. BUT we can plan for some of the things that’ll […]