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safe stocks to watch in 2021

Don’t Let This Sector Fool You

Transportation stocks are on one hell of a ride…  As the outbreak continues to escalate, the travel industry has become the global epicenter of this crisis — grounding it to a screeching halt.  While some investors view this as a long-term opportunity to invest at a discount, others see a […]
FAANG stocks forecast 2021 Intel CEO stepping down

Cue the… Video Games!?

The pandemic has switched off nearly every aspect of our daily lives.  And since non-essential businesses and schools have shut  down, people are now looking for various ways to keep themselves entertained… Turn on the video games.  Despite all the recent stay-at-home orders and market turmoil, this is one sector […]
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This Sector Is TANKing….

Let’s talk about tanking stocks.  No, I’m not referring to the many stocks currently circling down the drain… but rather the sector itself.  Despite the recent drop in oil prices (as you’ve probably noticed at the pump), these stocks are experiencing major bullish momentum.  And as this sector continues to […]
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Why I Love Me Some Junk Stocks

Today I want to do something entirely different…  Instead of focusing on all the latest crisis updates, the alarming number of jobless claims or even government stimulus packages, I want to talk about junk…  Literally, we’re going to talk about junk stocks.  Typically these are stocks with beat down charts […]
safe stocks to watch in 2021

Where Did This Rally Come From?

Despite the gloomy government report that nearly 3.3 million Americans are unemployed due to the recent pandemic, the U.S. stock market isn’t looking all that bad…  Yesterday, the market rallied for the third-straight day in a row. In fact, for the first time since February, the Dow Jones and the […]
FAANG stocks forecast 2021 Intel CEO stepping down

Profitable Trading In The Age Of Coronavirus…

The coronavirus is the one and only thing on traders’ (and most human) minds right now…  And I guarantee that the majority of you are glued to the television screen — keeping track of the spread of the virus and what the government is doing about it. That’s stressful… and […]
FAANG stocks forecast 2021 Intel CEO stepping down

One Costly Mistake You’ll Want to Avoid

In just a matter of a few weeks, markets transitioned from one of the longest bull runs in history to the quickest bear market ever.  As a matter of fact, the S&P 500 even set a record streak of eight trading days with a closing change of at least 4% […]
what to do when stocks go down Best Stock Under $10

What Stocks Am I Trading Right Now?

We’ve experienced some wild swings this week…  Within the last 30-days, the Dow Jones has closed more than 1,000 points lower on six trading days and then rallied at least 1,000 points four times. And just two days ago the Dow fell 6.3% — hitting its lowest level since December […]
is NIO a buy how to trade an earnings event

Two Crucial Steps I’m Taking in Today’s Market

We’re dealing with historic market volatile market…  Monday the Dow Jones lost nearly 3,000 points — the worst day since the “Black Monday” crash of 1989. Yet, just yesterday the Dow rebounded by 1,000-plus points. And as I write this, the market is down big.  I’m sure you’re wondering what […]