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Profitable Short-Term Plays for This Market

Nearly 20.5 million Americans have lost their jobs within the last month — meaning a decade worth of employment growth is gone.  But the stock market has been on the rise…  And that leaves us with one burning question: Does economic data mean anything anymore?? (And if not, is there […]
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The Best Way to Tackle This Crisis

Let’s switch it up today…  There’s a lot of negativity surrounding the recent health crisis, which is why I want us to STOP focusing on the lows and START focusing on the highs.  That’s why I’m putting my money here!  Despite the negative news, a handful of stocks (and options) […]
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Will the Winning Streak Continue?

I don’t care if you’re a young kid or 65-years old, video games are hot… And since non-essential businesses and schools shut down, everyone is saying, “just one more game.” But as countries around the globe begin to loosen stay-at-home orders and reopen businesses, will this sector be able to […]
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Money Is Flowing Into THIS Sector

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last three months, then you already know the biotech sector is receiving a lot of attention right now…  And just a few short weeks ago, I told you about this lucrative play.  Since then, the stock has nearly doubled! And a few […]
how to hedge stocks free

April Showers Bring May… Dollars!?

“Sell in May and go away?”  You’ve heard this common saying before, right? It’s based on the theory that the stock market is significantly stronger from November to April than it is the other six months.  But maybe not this year…  Many unique (and profitable) opportunities lie ahead, and I […]
Microsoft bought nuance ev stocks with the most potential

Dealing With Frustration (and How to Fix It)

Let’s talk about frustration…  It challenges every trader (including myself), and can quickly build as back-to-back losing trades roll in due to the market blocking your execution plan.  That’s why you shouldn’t stick all your eggs in one basket.  In today’s video, I’m giving away a number of handy tips […]
Microsoft bought nuance ev stocks with the most potential

These Stocks are HOT HOT HOT

Doesn’t it seem like everyone and their mother uses social media?  That’s because they do…  Right now, the world is online. With everyone working from home, we’re seeing more and more people using (and spending money on) social media apps.  We’re experiencing the same thing with social media stocks!  But […]
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Banks Stocks Remain a Red Flag

Financials, we have to talk about them…  The outbreak has placed financial institutions into a sticky situation that has made their stocks challenging to invest in.  In fact, the financials are currently some of the market’s worst players. Companies like Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, and even Goldman Sachs are showing […]
how to trade semiconductor chip shortage

Will Earnings Affect Your Money?

If you’ve been following me for some time, then you already know that I love earnings season…  And this week, we’ve had some really big reports — including tech companies like Apple, Facebook and even Google.   There’s no question that the pandemic has affected the performance and guidance of these […]