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is ford a good stock to buy in 2021

Ford Trucks Are ‘Built To Last.’ And Suddenly… So Is Its Stock

Have you driven a Ford lately? I have… And the company’s complete redesign shows a significant pivot toward the digital future of smart vehicles and clean energy — a key factor if it wants to out-last competitors. But is Ford a good stock to buy in 2021? This week we […]
how to profit from options trading bitcoin cryptocurrency and stimulus checks buzz etf a good investment

How to Profit From Options Trading: Filtering Good Moves From Bad

When a slew of tickers hit the tape, it’s important to be able to separate the good orders from the bad ones. To be clear, just because I think an order may be a good one, it doesn’t mean it’s going to turn into a profitable trade. And vice versa… […]
how to profit from options trading bitcoin cryptocurrency and stimulus checks buzz etf a good investment

How Long Will This Bitcoin Surge Last?

Over the past 12 months, the price of  Bitcoin cryptocurrency has surged around 1,000%. Now the combined value of bitcoin tokens has reached $1 trillion — double the amount it was at the start of 2021. We’re witnessing Bitcoin topple never-before-seen highs while leaving investors to chase a mammoth of a […]
advantages of trading options over stocks

Is it Time To Buy the Tech, Semiconductor and Growth Stock Dips?

Is it time for investors to table tech, semiconductor and growth stocks… or is it time to buy the dip in these stocks?  Investors are looking for any opportunity to take advantage of market sell-offs and high volatility, but is this a smart strategy to use? Let’s find out. Should […]
stock market and middle class

How the Middle Class Is Redefining Wall Street

There’s definitely something messed up about an economy designed for millionaires and billionaires… but won’t nurture the middle class. Before our current winner-take-all economy, the stock market and middle class actually had a booming relationship. Of course, something like this is hard to believe when you know that 10% of […]
how to profit from options trading bitcoin cryptocurrency and stimulus checks buzz etf a good investment

The Truth Behind the BUZZ ETF

Have you heard about the new exchange-traded fund (ETF) that’s all the buzz around Wall Street and social media? Investors everywhere want to know “Is the BUZZ ETF a good investment?”  But I think this might backfire for an obvious reason… The VanEck Vectors Social Sentiment ETF (BUZZ) — launching […]
is ford a good stock to buy in 2021

How To Be a Successful Trader in 2021: Get a Mentor

Behind every accomplished person is the mentor who inspired them… And the vast majority of investors who climbed their way into the top 1% of Wall Street didn’t learn how to be great on their own. The value of having a trading mentor can be the difference between success and […]
safe stocks for uncertain markets profit from implied volatility crush after earnings

How to Profit From a Volatility Crush for Apple, Amazon Earnings

We usually see a volatility crush begin after big scheduled events like quarterly earnings reports or a presidential election. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen the release of fourth-quarter earnings (there are 1,307 this week) — setting up many opportunities for investors to profit from an implied volatility […]
how to hedge stocks free

1 Method To Hedge Stocks and Options Practically for FREE

One of the most important things a smart investor can do to remain successful is have a solid risk-management strategy. In the stock market, hedging is one of the most effective ways to offset the amount of money investors lose… but do you know how to hedge stocks for free? […]