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AppHarvest SPAC Will Revolutionize American Agriculture

Tuesday was a significant day for the future of agriculture as AppHarvest announced plans to join the Nasdaq and become a publicly traded company via a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, deal. AppHarvest will attain its listing after merging with SPAC Novus Capital Corp. (Nasdaq: NOVS).  AppHarvest is a […]
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The Last Hope for Banks

Traders, we have got to sit down and take a moment to talk about those d*** banks. Some nights I wake up and think, “If only the banks would grace us with their presence and actually participate in the rally!” But alas, they will not.  Here’s my take: Banking stocks […]
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The Next BIG Free Ride Trade Is Happening on This Date

Today is a holiday, so I’ll keep this newsletter short so you can go back to spending time with your family. The next big catalyst trade is coming up in Wall Street, and I have the exact date of when it’s all going to go down… Check out what my […]
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The Hottest Trading System in 2020

I’m a gold digger when it comes to money —- I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m also a practical man when it comes to money — I want to use successful and effective methods to get my cut from the stock market. When I find something that consistently makes […]
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Why You Should Trade the Biotech Sector

I trade the biotech sector for the same reason I put my socks on before my shoes — it just makes sense. So far in 2020, this sector has outperformed the S&P 500 by 15.64% — and I can only see it going up in the future.  2020 has brought […]
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Double Your Returns With These 2 Sweet Stocks?

It might only be Wednesday, but boy has it been a week. Blame it on this dreary Florida weather or the fact that my new kitten has completely captivated my attention, but I’m ready for a nap and the weekend.  With that in mind, I’m keeping today’s video short but […]
DoorDash IPO winning stocks in December

2 Video Game Stocks to Love

If you want to be among today’s top traders, you need to look at video game stocks. While the coronavirus is still hurting some of the biggest names, I noticed two gaming stocks that are on a good run up. The first stock, it seems only celebrity investor Kim Kardashian […]
DoorDash IPO winning stocks in December

The KING of Energy Stocks

The king of energy stocks has been around for years — standing strong against seven wars, the Great Depression, and at least a dozen recessions. Talk about resilience. If you know this iconic company (NOT Exxon), then you already know it has the power to outlast Covid. If you don’t […]
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Retail Stocks on the Rise

This stock is making me hungry. Melvin Capital just released a 5.1% stake in American Eagle — if you haven’t heard about this company, I wouldn’t be surprised. Wall Street wouldn’t want you to know about stocks like this… Despite this being a small retail company, I see a potential […]