Broken Stocks

Lately we’ve been reflecting on how our biggest trades have come about… and some surprising realizations came to us.

Crucial Part Of The Puzzle

It looks like the week is going to end on a high note for investors.

How to Keep this Kangaroo Market From Kicking You Into Next Week

Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot of news coming through on the various Financial TV networks that I don’t see first somewhere else… usually Twitter or on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Can These Stocks Recover?

Most of you know I’ve been enjoying my summer traveling from state to state these past few weeks. I started off in Hilton Head, SC, and now I’m in beautiful Asheville, NC. I love traveling, but nothing takes me away from my true passion… the stock market.

Top Stocks Insiders Are Accumulating Now

It’s an extremely crucial time for traders...

This Stock Is On Fire

U.S. stocks opened lower this morning as investors had to digest worse-than-expected jobless claims data.

Gain Your Edge in the Markets

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been showing you the hottest stocks (and sectors) I’ve been trading to help you profit during the pandemic.

How to Trade Options in Today’s Market

New data has come out showing a recent surge in virus hospitalizations in Texas. This news has caused markets to reverse directions and start heading back into downfall... coming after three days of rise in the stock market surrounding optimism within the U.S. economy.
stocks set to soar in 2021 stocks ready to heat up

Fade These Stocks Now

Today marks the 20th day of protesting. The number of people affected by the virus is still rising. But despite it all, global markets are dancing along to the tune of Wall Street’s rally. The newest rally is being fueled by the hopeful prospect of global economic recovery. However, analysts […]