It’s Happening Right In Front Of Us!

Last Thursday was a huge distribution day as selling was on a massive uptick — almost triple the average volume of the past 200 days.
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High Probability Breakouts

I gotta tell you folks, you can’t help but be fascinated with how quickly the stock market moves. Yesterday, global markets were down as the second shoe dropped. Today, Wall Street is poised for another market rally.

The Single Data Point That Changed Everything

Whether it’s 13.3% or 20% unemployment, the result is still the same. The longest economic expansion in U.S. history came to an end in March.

Top Trading Strategies as Markets Decline

Before the end of last week, we had been seeing a consistent drift lower in the CBOE Volatility Index coupled with a rise in overall markets. As we have been predicting through momentum indications, Thursday changed everything…

Second Shoe Dropping?

The second shoe has finally dropped… And I hate to say I told you so, but I saw this coming a mile ahead. I’ve been warning everyone not to get too excited about the rally because it was just a reaction, and not the new leg up investors were praying for.

Fast & Furious? – Diesel Inventories Surged, Profits Purged

The U.S. is currently sitting at all-time high storage levels as reopening continues to progress slowly and refiners continue to dump jet fuel (for which demand is still down roughly 80%) into their diesel cuts.

Sell Growth Stocks Now!

I’m covering a very controversial (and spicy) topic today: Stocks you need to toss.

Top Pharma Stocks Trading Outside of the Business Cycle

We’ve experienced more trading action in the past month than ever before... And while the overall market seems to be recovering (and trading above the 200-day MA), there are several clues indicating the foundation isn’t solid.

Higher Momentum With Top Pot Stocks

Folks, over these last few months, most sectors have been hit hard.