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The Organization for Economic Cooperations and Development (OECD) had a clear message regarding the economy: This is the worst downturn it has faced in a century.

Trading Strategies for “Too Good to be True” Market Conditions

We have seen the S&P 500 have the most prolific gain amidst the worst economic data since the Great Depression.

Economists Get It Wrong… But We’re Still Profiting

We started this week with a continuation of the bullish insanity we saw last week. The past few days, I asked myself how so many economists could have gotten their predictions wrong…
stocks set to soar in 2021 stocks ready to heat up

Ripe Profits Ahead

World stocks fell this morning as investors appeared cautious after Wall Street's rally completely wiped out 2020’s losses in the S&P 500.

King Dollar Sounds a Market Alarm

The Central Bank created cash around the world and has propped up major stock markets and indices like the NASDAQ, DJIA and S&P 500.

Unusual Market Activity and Where to Profit

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How to Spend Your Winnings

We think one of the most important aspects of being a successful trader is the ability to sit back, relax, and take care of yourself!

This Could Be the Right Fit For You

I want to step away from the charts and talk about something other than what the market’s doing today...

Why We Need to Build a New America

If there’s one lesson that investors need to internalize, it’s that past performance is no guarantee of future returns… that is to say, history doesn’t repeat itself. But as many have pointed out over the years, it does often rhyme.