Hidden Fiber Optics 5G Gems

While it may seem like just a faster way to surf the internet, the savviest investors see it as a major technological breakthrough (and catalyst).

Trading Approaches for a Post-COVID World

We have entered the micro era of black swans. Where the abnormal has become the new normal. Economic and headline news is no longer the main driver of markets. This is the new world we live in; however, the public doesn’t seem to be scared. Investors are normalizing after our […]

This Economic Storm is About to Get Worse

I see a lot nodding, bobbing talking heads lately on CNBC and Bloomberg all proclaiming that stocks are rising because the economy is fundamentally sound and stocks are cheap and so everybody should be buying.

Is This the Best Long-Term Play?

Long-term plays are hard to come by in 2020. But the recent pandemic-fueled market downturn (and economic fallout) doesn’t mean you can’t continue to grow your wealth.

Top Social Media Stocks

Right now, the world is online... With everyone stuck at home, we’re seeing people log more and more hours on their phones and social media channels.

A Beginner Trader’s Mind

Do you remember when you first started trading? Things were so fresh and new... always trying out new indicators and discovering a pattern you’ve never recognized before.

Beware of the Greatest Insider Gold Trade Scheme EVER

If you are a bullion holder in a Negative Swap Line (-SWAP) Nation – please pay attention.

Memorial Day’s Secret Origin

It is the day we celebrate those men and women who died in military conflict serving the United States. Flags and flowers are placed by soldier’s gravestones from sea to shining sea. There is a country-wide moment of silence at 3pm local time no matter where you are.

These Unlikely Stocks Are On The Rise

There’s a strange new trend developing in the market — the weakest stocks of 2020 are starting to rise.