What Would Warren Buffett Buy?

I’ve been studying his investment strategies in great detail for years, and one of the most important takeaways I got is: simplicity.

Is the Stock Market a Casino?

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, we are experiencing things never before seen in this lifetime. New norms socially, politically and economically. The stock market is no different.

What Happens When an Oil ETF Can’t Buy Oil?

I don’t think I’ve ever received as many phone calls, emails, or text messages in one day as I did when oil prices went negative last month. I am still catching up with all those folks, which is frankly a welcome task during our continued isolation.

Are You About to Get Roasted?

Lately, traders have become fascinated with short selling. And for most, having the power to bet against a company and make money if the stock plummets is an attractive alternative in a declining market.

Trading Plans for Week of Memorial Day – Pro Investor Panel

As it is Memorial Day and the NYSE and NASDAQ are closed in a day of honour, we thought it would be the right thing to do to give something back to our trading community…

Trending Stocks That Keep Investors Surprised

We’re now at the tail end of what has arguably been the most important earnings season ever! Investors were updated on business trends for the first time since the pandemic shut down the global economy.

2 Electronic Payment Stocks

Economic shutdown or not, the world still needs a way to process payments. With people shifting away from paying merchants with physical cash, electronic volume is set to skyrocket!

Instant Energy

Finding energy is a daily challenge. Whether you are a parent trying to keep things from falling apart mid-week or a field operator trekking through war-torn territory, energy is at the core of your success.

Top Hedge Funds are Buying these Stocks You’ve Never Heard of

Four times a year it’s 13F Form day. The form required to be released by all Hedge Fund managers with over $100 million in assets. The latest 13F day fell on May 15 this week.