Gold Bugs Are Loving This

The global economy is still unpredictable… currencies are wildly unstable… and it feels like it’s just a matter of time before our nice, little rally turns into another nosedive... which has me taking a serious look at good, old fashioned GOLD.

Elite Time Blocking

The last few months have been an interesting exercise for me and my family. Dealing with a global crisis while running a business and raising a couple kids feels a lot like being deployed to a combat zone.

Dealing With Frustration (and How to Fix It)

It challenges every trader (including myself), and can quickly build as back-to-back losing trades roll in due to the market blocking your execution plan. That’s why you shouldn’t stick all your eggs in one basket.

Rage Against the Machines: Algorithms Losing Steam

I read a great blog on Bloomberg this morning that talked about “fundamentals” versus “technicals.” For those who might not be aware, “fundamental” metrics attempt to measure the actual value of a stock. For instance, how much revenue a company might generate, or what operating costs will be.

As Gold Breaks $1,700 We Could See A Surge To $2,150… Or Even Higher!

In the middle of a pandemic that has already caused a global economic crisis, set to dwarf anything we saw during the 2008 financial crash and the following “Great Recession”…

The Best 5G Stocks to Buy

One of the coolest things about tech stocks is that there’s always something on the horizon -- whether it’s e-commerce, data center REITs, or even streaming video services.

Roger’s Rundown: High Probability Trade Alert

Global stocks rose yesterday because more and more governments are easing their pandemic restrictions on the public and businesses.

These Stocks are HOT HOT HOT

Right now, the world is online. With everyone working from home, we’re seeing more and more people using (and spending money on) social media apps.

Will These Be The Winners of 2020? [Sneak Peek]

I received a ton of messages from our members over the weekend, but the most frequent request I received (by far) was more stock picks.