Conversation with Katusa: The Biggest Short Squeeze in History

If you aren’t paying attention to the global squeeze of U.S. Dollars then you need to get up to speed quick.

2 Small 5G Stocks Ready to Jump

5G is coming… Every person will be affected by the release of this technology and the markets are working overtime to try to prepare for when that day comes. Once 5G comes, there will be a BOOM of possibilities and we want to make sure to be ready when it […]

These 3 Stocks Are Poised To Boom During The Pandemic

The Coronavirus has presented many challenges to healthcare workers, the economy and traders. The uncertainty in markets are at a all-time high. We ask ourselves as traders and investors… How do we learn from this? How do we profit from this? How do we take advantage of the happenings in the […]

2 Stocks Ready to Breakout

Working from home is no longer a privilege… it’s become a necessity due to recent stay-at-home orders.

My Top Gold Stock

Gold has been rallying for the last couple of months, and to be honest, it’s just having an all-around solid year.

Stay Away From This Pot Stock

One of the most interesting things that happens during and after a stock market crash is actually incredibly easy to predict -- if you know what to keep an eye on.

My 2 Favorite Stocks Right Now…

Out of thousands of stocks, two have caught my attention. Between these two stocks, I am seeing things like multiple strong buy recommendations, prices breaking out to new highs, 95% customer retention rates, and increased dividend rates over the past decade. … But these stocks will not go unnoticed by […]

Gold Bugs Are Loving This

The global economy is still unpredictable… currencies are wildly unstable… and it feels like it’s just a matter of time before our nice, little rally turns into another nosedive... which has me taking a serious look at good, old fashioned GOLD.

Elite Time Blocking

The last few months have been an interesting exercise for me and my family. Dealing with a global crisis while running a business and raising a couple kids feels a lot like being deployed to a combat zone.