Should You Invest Your Hard-Earned Cash Into Cannabis Stocks?

The marijuana industry is expected to triple within the next few years and many traders are looking to put these profits straight into their pockets.

Our Secret Weapon for Market Anxiety

Today we pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. We’re fortunate that we still have the freedom to trade. 

What’s the Best Analysis Type?

What's better to use, a fundamental approach or technical? Find out from Roger himself in today's video...

24 hours until…

If you're not registered yet, you probably want to do that now -- but here's a sneak peek of what you're going to get...

What Does “Living Rich” Mean to Rob Booker?

What does "living rich" mean? Well, to Rob Booker "living rich" means doing the things that you want to do, when you want to do them, and without asking for permission; but is that all it means? Click here to see what Rob has to say...

How to trade earnings the right way

It’s earnings season … and we’re going hunting. There’s something big happening regarding a specific sector with a major influence on the market. I’ll tell you what it is, how to gauge it, and — most importantly — how you can potentially make money using it.

Want a full trade for the coming small-cap boom?

The current volatility is GREAT for us, and small-cap stocks are our secret weapon. Our small-cap portfolio is up over 27% in just the last few trading sessions, so you don’t want to miss this powerful lesson. In this video, I’ll show you … Why small caps are the smartest […]