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how to trade semiconductor chip shortage

Profitable Trades During the Crisis? You Bet!

There’s a lot going on in the markets right now…  The markets are extremely shaky… there are increased fears of a second virus wave…  and ‘cheaper names’ are receiving a lot of attention from investors.  So, here’s an update with fast facts about what’s hot, what you need to look […]
semiconductor ps5 shortage

Unusual Order Flow in the Options Market

You don’t have to be an expert trader to realize that when there’s unusual flow in the options market, you need to pay attention.  Recently, this Chinese online dating platform traded over 166,322 call options in just one day!  That’s 26.2 times its normal volume…  And that’s when I knew […]
semiconductor ps5 shortage

Gain Your Edge in the Markets

I’m doing something completely different today…  Over the past several weeks, I’ve been showing you the hottest stocks (and sectors) I’ve been trading to help you profit during the pandemic.  But now, I’m passing the baton… Welcome hedge fund manager Anthony Ohayon. Today, he’s giving you a little insight on […]
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The Best Way to Embrace This Squeeze

If your watchlist looks anything like mine, then you’re seeing a lot of names that are up double-digits… maybe even more!  But does that mean right now is the best time to buy them up?  I don’t think so… in fact, there’s something I need to warn you about. And […]
semiconductor ps5 shortage

Sell Growth Stocks Now!

I’m covering a very controversial (and spicy) topic today: Stocks you need to toss.  Whether you agree with me or not, there’s a huge possibility that we’ll begin to see a massive rotation out of our once beloved tech darlings.  That’s why I recommend you weed these stocks out of […]
value of having a trading mentor

Unusual Market Activity and Where to Profit

We’re launching something completely different for our WealthPress readers…  It’s called WealthPress TV! And just this past week, I had the pleasure of being its very first host.  Did you miss this week’s broadcast? Don’t worry, it’s available right here.  Join me as I sit down to discuss two tricks […]
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3 Tickers You Won’t See Anywhere Else

It’s no surprise that traders are on the hunt for stocks that can ‘deliver the goods’ due to the market’s record-setting volatility.  But there’s one small problem…  When you only look at the same heavyweight tickers that everyone else is trading, you’ll never have that trader’s edge.  So, what about […]
value of having a trading mentor

Is This the Best Long-Term Play?

Long-term plays are hard to come by in 2020.  But the recent pandemic-fueled market downturn (and economic fallout) doesn’t mean you can’t continue to grow your wealth.  And this stock is my newest target…  The company is poised to come out of this on top, and all things considered… I […]
how to trade semiconductor chip shortage

Potential Breakout… in This Market!?

If you’re ready to play this market, but don’t want to buy some tech stock that’s only 2% off all-time highs, you’ve come to the right place…  I’ve pinpointed a specific industry that could see a massive upward shift.  And as governments slowly reopen and the economy begins to pick […]