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how to predict stock movement

Sectors Worth Investing in Post-COVID-19

More than a year has passed since COVID-19 forced us to hide inside our homes. Now, amid reopening, we’re seeing inflation, major volatility, rising bond rates and a pullback in tech. Investors are also facing a tough decision on which sectors to invest in post-COVID-19. The White House recently announced that […]
how to predict stock movement

Take Advantage of This Stay-at-Home Stock’s Fall Amid Reopening

Who’s ready for life to get back to normal? Well, relatively speaking at least… It’s been over a year now since COVID-19 swept through the world and sent us all inside. Now, in the face of reopening, we’re seeing inflation, rising bond rates and a pullback in tech. Cue the […]
how to predict stock movement

The Fed Laid All Its Cards on the Table. Should We Buy In or Fold?

Inflation, spikes in bond rates, big-name tech crashing… There’s so much chaos it’s almost funny. Then there’s the latest quarterly meeting, where Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell was supposed to save the day. Well, that’s not exactly what happened…  With everything we’re seeing right now, this meeting was even more […]
how to predict stock movement

What Fed Chair Powell’s Speech Means for the Market

There’s a lot happening this week in the stock market. Big earnings, the S&P 500’s quarterly rebalance… And as I write this, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is addressing the press to discuss interest rates and monetary policy.  We need to know what’s going on between Powell’s speech and the […]
how to predict stock movement

Our S&P 500 Rebalance Preview: Trades To Fade

Rebalancing weeks are some of our favorites. There’s a ton of big moves happening, and that means opportunities for us and our readers. In the spirit of that, here’s our S&P 500 rebalance preview, and a free pick that’s in line with our Burn Notice service. When indexes rebalance, professional […]
how to predict stock movement

Buy It and Burn It: Is DraftKings the Google of Sports Betting?

The fear of inflation and the way tech stocks have been pulling back is very real. But there’s a niche sector of tech stocks that operates outside of inflation. Let’s look at some of the best sports betting stocks of 2021 and answer an important question… Is DraftKings stock a […]
how to predict stock movement

What’s in the Boat? A Deep Dive Into the ARKK ETF

Hey, guys, a week ago we did a little “Trader Training” session on all the volatility we’re seeing right now. We have another training session for you today… We want to look at how we consider exchange-traded funds — specifically what’s in the ARKK ETF. When facing stock market volatility […]
how to predict stock movement

Is GameStop’s Ascent Really Just an NFT Explosion?

With all of the uncertainty and volatility we’re seeing in the stock market these days — inflation, the Nasdaq snapback, etc. — we thought we’d touch on something that has us excited. There’s a new crypto that is sweeping the nation — even more than Bitcoin.  We’re talking about trading […]
how to predict stock movement

Inflation Is up. So Why Is Gold Down?

The $1.9 trillion stimulus package has been approved as expected. But we’re getting closer and closer to reopening. The Federal Reserve’s money-printing strategy has us at inflation’s door. So what does that mean for the markets? Let’s start with commodities and discuss trading gold during inflation. First, let’s address the […]