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nonfarm payrolls for April

Time to Move On From the GameStop Short Squeeze

We’ve talked and heard nonstop about the GameStop short squeeze happening right now, and for good reason. It has turned the market upside down this week and caused quite the stir among Robinhood traders. But enough is enough. That’s why WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott and I sat down to […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Buy or Burn? Should You Invest in Gold in 2021?

Hey, guys, we’ve got a deep analysis today of something I’ve been admittedly bullish on. That something is gold, and I want to take a look at whether or not you should invest in gold in 2021. Gold has been a hot topic the past few years, and especially so […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Politics Aside: Our Top Sectors To Invest in for 2021

There’s no arguing that this has already been a highly political couple of years, and that continues today with President Joe Biden’s inauguration. But let’s push the politics to the side — as much as we can — and take a look at some of the top sectors to invest […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

A New White House: Stocks to Trade for the Biden Administration

The big day is almost upon us: inauguration day. The election and all of its drama will finally be over as the White House changes hands — which means we need to look at stocks to trade under Biden. On Jan. 20, President-elect Joe Biden will become the 46th president […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Utilities vs. Financials: What JPMorgan’s Earnings Report Tells Us

Hey guys, we’ve got a big edition of “Buy It and Burn It” for you today off the back of the JPMorgan earnings report. This trade is part of my Money Links service, but I’m going to give it to you for free. Let’s dive in. JPMorgan Chase & Co. […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Setting the Tone: Our Stock Market Analysis for 2021

Coronavirus cases continue to climb, we’re transitioning to a new government and many people are wondering what the heck the stock market will do this year. Luckily, WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott and I sat down for our mid-week roundtable to give you our stock market analysis for 2021. Earlier […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Play It Safe: A Defensive Trading Strategy for 2021

2020’s chaos is spilling over into 2021 and we’re playing a wait-and-see game with a lot of factors. A big concern is that we’ll finally see the market correction we’ve been talking about for so long, which means it’s important to have a defensive trading strategy. Obviously, the 800-pound gorilla […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

Trade Recap: My Best Electric Vehicle Stock Plays

Guys, I don’t like to toot my own horn, but today I’m going to go over one of my trades that has done incredibly well. In this trade recap, I talk about one of my best electric vehicle (EV) stock plays, how we found it and what to look for […]
nonfarm payrolls for April

A New Era of Sectors to Invest In

A new president, a new congress, how do you trade it? WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott and I sat down to discuss which sectors to invest in as we begin 2021 — and we even have some picks for you. After yesterday’s Senate runoff, the United States is looking ahead […]