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Don’t Get Overwhelmed By This Market… Let Us Help You!

The month of September has been a crazy one! With the stock market continuing to stump even the most seasoned traders, one can’t help but wonder what could be coming at us next… Wall Street started the session slightly higher Wednesday following reports an agreement has been reached by Congress […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Time To Sit Back and Watch the Show

We’ve seen big selloffs in areas like tech recently but this hasn’t been a surprise for me and shouldn’t be for those of you who routinely follow this newsletter. I find times like these to be teachable moments — and great learning opportunities for traders. We can’t have a knee-jerk […]
Your vote will affect your investments

5 Unknown Stocks Hedge Funds Are Betting On

Every quarter, the largest hedge funds and institutional investors have to disclose what they have been investing in. You’ll always find stocks like Amazon, Apple, Paypal, etc. among the ranks, but I’m more interested in what stocks the fastest growing funds have been accumulating that aren’t common knowledge. That info […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Don’t Let FOMO Ruin Your Trading…

A lot of traders are suffering from FOMO right now — otherwise known as “fear of missing out”… They’re afraid they might miss out on a good opportunity and, therefore, they chase around stocks that they wouldn’t pursue otherwise — just look at Kodak! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t […]
How These “Timeless” Companies Are Handling The Financial Crisis
There are many people out there who are suffering financially right now, but this economy isn’t just affecting individuals… In the business world, the greatest impact has been on what I consider to be “unnecessary” companies. These are usually the ones that offer us our WANTS instead of our NEEDS. […]