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Ultimate Guide to Trading Wall Street

Let’s say you’re brand new to all the stock market nonsense and you’re trying to figure out what the heck all this stuff means. You can’t just dive head first into trading. You’ll drown. The best way to dip your toes into the water is to find a way to […]

Analyzing Gold Futures During Market Uncertainty

Now is not the time to start over risking your trading portfolio. When the stock market feels hot like it does now (who else can’t seem to stop seeing December gains?!), investors tend to make grave mistakes and really start flooring it with trades. But you have got to remember […]

End Of 2020 Gold Market In-Depth Analysis

With 2020 wrapping up here pretty soon, the only thing on my mind right now is how I should be planning for a successful 2021. During times of market uncertainty, traders have historically defaulted to gold, which means  gold is often bullish when other key markets are bearish. Taking all […]

Tuesday Trading Tip: How to Stop Losing Your Trades

This trading tip is specifically designed for the brand-new (or inexperienced) trader who’s not giving themselves the opportunity to win. You see, you have two categories of people: People who are just losers (and will continue to make intentionally bad decisions), and people who just haven’t been taught how to […]

Very Few Traders Actually Get This Right

It’s one of the most common mistakes that new traders make… …drawing proper trend lines. Trend lines can do one of three things for you: They separate the market into “buy” and “sell” zones; they show you the market speed; and, most importantly, they let you know where the market […]

5 Tips for Overcoming Stock Market Losing Streaks

We all love to win, right? Anyone familiar with sports and competition knows life is easy when you’re winning. But the bad news is losing also happens to be a big part of life. In a volatile stock market like we’re seeing today, there are going to be a lot […]

My 2021 Nasdaq Trading Strategy

What a roller coaster 2020 has been for traders all over the broader markets. The Nasdaq has seen extreme volatility from market lows and highs within weeks. I’m starting to feel an extreme case of whiplash… But to those who have been able to remain calm and profitable trading during […]

How to Make Money on a Bearish Nasdaq Market

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! I hope you’re taking this week to spend time with the ones you cherish, remember everything you’re thankful for and eat a tremendous amount of food! Right now I’m thankful with how the Nasdaq 100 looks to be setting up for a bearish trend… and it […]

Entering the Stock Market on Counter Trend Line Breaks

Anyone worth their salt knows you should never follow the herd and be a stock market sheep… but that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to fall into the trap of FOMO. That’s why I like to use counter trend lines in my trading strategy.  Countertrend trading is a type of […]