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Why I’m Not Trading the Nasdaq…

If you’re like me, then you’ve been watching the Nasdaq like a hawk lately. The upcoming presidential election, the sudden halt to stimulus talks and a potential cure to the coronavirus has Wall Street turned upside down. And the Nasdaq has been no exception to this. Looking at the charts, […]

The Elections, a Pandemic and the President. How Will the Nasdaq React?

Last week was crazy and shocking for both United States politics and the Nasdaq.  While I usually like to stay away from politics, we might have to touch on it for once: The coronavirus has infiltrated the White House… and it’s affecting the Nasdaq.  The president and the first lady […]

The Strategy That Works 90% of the Time

When you’ve been trading for as long as I have, you tend to notice that the stock market moves in waves. And these waves tend to touch the same price points over and over again. Early on, I made a personal goal to crack this formula — which I just […]

How to Switch from Trading One Market to Another

If you can’t step outside your comfort zone in order to diversify your portfolio, you can kiss your success as a trader goodbye. There are so many markets to dip your fingertips into, you’re leaving trading potential untapped by limiting yourself to just one of them. But even I can […]

Trade the NASDAQ Using Only Trend Lines

I hate to break it to you, but you don’t need a crazy expensive trading program to manipulate the stock market. Don’t get me wrong, some programs can make you a six-figure check in one day. However, I think the simplest methods can have the greatest impacts on our trades… […]

How to Draw NASDAQ Market Trend Lines

Drawing market trend lines should be one of the first fundamentals you learn when you start trading. Trust me, I’ve lost enough money to have learned that lesson the hard way.  Trend lines are the basis for finding market direction, entries, and exits — if you don’t draw it the […]

The Next Possible $20,000 NASDAQ Trade Opportunity

The NASDAQ 100 just closed above resistance on the monthly time frame… Why is that so important? Well, it means there’s a potential channel shift coming and we can make it a breakout or continuation of a bullish move. It also means we have the potential to make a move […]

Traders Are Greedy! The Psychology Behind Trading

Feel free to call me out if I’m wrong, but chances are that you became a trader for the money. Am I right? The psychology behind trading, to be quite frank, boils down to greed. New traders are especially susceptible to these traps that a money-grabbing mentality can lead to… […]

Will the NASDAQ Move 10,000 Ticks?

Well, there’s no denying it… the NASDAQ has had steady market growth over the past couple of weeks. As you know, the market moves in waves; very rarely will we see markets trade without any corrections or pullbacks. But, what if I told you that there’s a possible 10,000 tick […]