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How to Bounce Back From a Losing Trading Day

After a  day in the red, traders are usually gun shy… electing not to enter into positions that they normally would have… The biggest hurdle is overcoming your emotions… and not letting them get in the way of your next trading day. So, how do you overcome this? It begins […]

Whatever Happened to Crude Oil?

Where has crude oil gone? Has it recovered? Is the bull finally on the run?  For some reason this week, my eyes keep wandering toward oil again and again. If you remember, crude oil had a major collapse earlier this year, so much so that crude oil futures were actually […]

This Trade Idea Continues To Produce Profits

This stock continues to give and, as long as it’s giving, let’s keep taking… Last week, we gave an update on the E-mini Russell 2000 trade opportunity that was beginning to grow legs and become bullish. This trade idea is approaching 3 weeks old, but a winner’s a winner and […]

E-mini Continues Bullish Trend

Last week, Joshua Martinez went over a possible 2,200 tick trading opportunity within the E-mini Russell 2,000. It made close to 1,000 ticks upward and still shows signs of a bullish movement. In today’s video, Joshua Martinez follows up on the E-mini opportunity, goes over how to spot channels within […]

E-mini Showing Signs of Upswing

We haven’t covered the E-mini Russell 2000 in quite some time, but it’s starting to show signs of a possible bullish trend so I say it’s time to look at this one again… I can see that the E-mini Russell 2000 is approaching a major u-turn point and could make […]

Today’s Trading Opportunity in the NASDAQ 100

The NASDAQ 100 is showing signs of a 3,000 tick bullish movement and you know what that means… It’s time for us to make some money. Today, Joshua Martinez of Traders Agency is giving his market breakdown of where we can expect the NASDAQ 100 to go. Joshua uses trend […]

Oil Goes Negative… Here’s My Thoughts

For the first time in history, oil has gone into the red and Joshua Martinez of Traders Agency is breaking down why oil markets have crashed.Join us now as Joshua explains what negative oil prices mean and what this historic move will mean for us in the future.