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How to Trade Headline News

The stock market goes up and down (it ain’t a secret). However, the direction in which those prices move is usually predicated on some form of news; Whether company-specific, macroeconomic themed, or out-of-the-blue tweets from the President of the United States. There are strategies traders can use to capitalize on […]

Are COVID-19 Vaccine Stocks Buys As Trump Recovers?

Judging by the high activity on the US Presidents Twitter account, it seems as if Donald Trump is feeling a bit better. Doctors have said that is health is improving, and he could be discharged today. The coronavirus has already killed more than two hundred thousand Americans and has caused […]

How an Options Trader Doubled His Bank Account

If you’ve been playing around in the stock market and have a fair understanding of the supply and demand that makes up a stocks price then there may be another market where you can make significantly more profits… Maybe you have had success with stocks, bonds, or ETF’s… But, there […]

Is Cash King or Will October See a Stock Market Upswing?

Markets are showing a continued retracement across almost all asset classes and have been throughout September. So, is now the time to lower your investment exposure to the stock market and hold more cash for future opportunities? We are seeing the VIX (check out our stock market updates to see what the VIX is up […]

Stock Market Opportunities as COVID Worsens

As an active trader and market participant, you’ve definitely taken notice of how the markets have been behaving over the last couple of weeks… the bull markets this summer have taken slight pause and you maybe stressing that it might be the end of the story… The COVID virus has […]

Cheap Stocks to Buy as Markets Struggle

Does the recent market correction have you worrying as an investor/trader? Is it time to lock in your profits and run for the hills? What stocks are more or less likely to combat the market pullback and in fact still have lots of upside even when overall markets are declining? […]

7 Stocks Set for Work-from-Home Revolution

The biggest change in the world inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic is the work-from-home economy. While only about 50% of workers can actually do their job from their home, that is enough to create a shift of seismic proportions in the whole information technology and communications industry. The shift is […]

Trump vs Biden: How to Trade the Election

With U.S. presidential elections on the horizon, there are more variables to consider within the stock market… 2020 has been a very volatile year as it is – with lots of factors and catalysts to digest in order to get an edge on markets… COVID-19, trade tensions and now the […]

Stocks To Buy When Markets Sell-Off

The momentum levels have been telling us this for the last few months… Just look at: 1. The number of stocks trading above the 200 day moving average 2. The number of stocks trading below their 50 day moving average while equity prices have only risen 3. The bond market […]