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Roger’s Rundown: Global Markets Dive as Virus Cases Rise

World markets are mostly lower today as virus caseloads continue to surge in many countries around the globe.  In places like Hong Kong and Australia’s Victoria state, health authorities warn that the number of cases will likely continue to rise if the sick fail to isolate themselves.  Adding to that, […]
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Roger’s Rundown: Market Dynamics Are Changing

Much like last Friday, global markets are rather mixed today as the number of confirmed virus cases continue to soar to new highs.  However, this time, investors are eyeing European leaders as they discuss a potential fund to help the economy grow. They’re attempting to reach an agreement on a […]

Roger’s Rundown: This Stock Is On Fire

U.S. stocks opened lower today as investors had to digest worse-than-expected jobless claims data. As if that weren’t a grim enough way to start the morning, the market has finally taken notice of the rise in virus cases across America, and shares are looking weak after weeks of trending upward. […]

Roger’s Rundown: Fade These Stocks Now

Today marks the 20th day of protesting. The number of people affected by the virus is still rising. But despite it all, global markets are dancing along to the tune of Wall Street’s rally. The newest rally is being fueled by the hopeful prospect of global economic recovery. However, analysts […]
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Roger’s Rundown: Market Hit With Dreaded Death Cross

The second shoe has finally dropped… And I hate to say I told you so, but I saw this coming a mile ahead. I’ve been warning everyone not to get too excited about the rally because it was just a reaction, and not the new leg up investors were praying […]
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Roger’s Rundown: Dow Tumbles 800 Points Amid Fed’s Grim Warning

U.S. stocks plunged this morning after the Federal Reserve signaled concern over a second wave of infections amid increasing reports of new cases popping up in numerous countries. This could potentially result in an even longer road to recovery, along with longer unemployment and lasting economic damage. The Fed also […]
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Roger’s Rundown: World Economy Forecasted to Shrink 6%

Today, I want to use my favorite top down analysis approach when looking at the markets — so let’s begin with the global markets. Global shares opened lower today with investors cautious after a gloomy forecast for the economy was announced.  The Organization for Economic Cooperations and Development (OECD) had […]

Roger’s Rundown: Wall Street’s Rally Pushes This Sector Up

The global stock market is looking mixed today as investors weighed how well U.S. economic data will perform against the longer-term impact the virus will have on global growth. U.S. stocks on the other hand were up as Wall Street continued their rally from Friday, when investors were shocked to […]
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Roger’s Rundown: When Will the Rally Crash?

U.S. stocks edged lower today as jobless claims came out heavier than investors would like. And while the trend of deceleration in numbers continues, the amount of jobs lost is still completely out of whack. Investors don’t seem too deterred though: The market rally has no sign of slowing down, […]
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