VIX Bringing Profits. Here Are My Thoughts…

One man’s bad luck is another man’s fortune. The market is no different — so while some lose their shirts, we can make massive profits.  And opportunities keep presenting themselves… so you need to be positioned to take immediate action to take advantage. Last Friday, WealthPress’s newest contributing editor, Joshua […]

Massive 1-Day Profit! These Two Stocks Next?

Everywhere you look, stocks that involve home-based products and services are seeing gains. Whether it’s the tech industry or streaming services, these companies are seeing major growth as the world is forced to stay home and use their products. In my video today, I’m sharing with you two stocks I’ve […]

[BREAKING] AOC Joins Biden Campaign (VP Next?)

Ever since being elected to Congress, socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been an absolute disaster for the Democratic Party (and the country!) She’s alienated countless ranking members of the Democratic Party, pushed her radical socialist agenda to the masses (an agenda that would practically bankrupt the country), AND she nixed […]

News Out of L.A. Has Investors Worried

Last night we saw some interesting action as the market got down to a new low and then reversed itself.

[BOMBSHELL] Barack Obama to Testify for Role in 2016 Election?

To this day, former President Barack Obama denies he had ANY involvement in the 2016 targeting of President Donald Trump’s campaign and team. And following the recent decision by the Justice Department to drop perjury charges against Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, there was some hope that Obama […]

E-mini Continues Bullish Trend

Last week, Joshua Martinez went over a possible 2,200 tick trading opportunity within the E-mini Russell 2,000. It made close to 1,000 ticks upward and still shows signs of a bullish movement. In today’s video, Joshua Martinez follows up on the E-mini opportunity, goes over how to spot channels within […]

Justice! James Comey Headed to Jail for TREASON?

It’s no secret that former FBI boss James Comey and vocal critic of President Donald Trump did his best to keep Trump from ever being elected. In fact, it’s widely speculated the Comey broke a number of laws along the way in his pathetic attempt to take down President Trump. […]

I’m Giving Away My Trade of the Year!

I know this week is off to a rough start, with the Dow already giving up 210 points this morning, but I see it as an opportunity.

Historically Grim Job Report Drives Markets… Up?

Eleven years of growth vanishes in one month… along with 20.5 million jobs.