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Powell’s Remarks Can’t Stop the Bloodbath — Better Call a Doctor

Judging by the (currently) 1.6% dip in the S&P 500, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s comments at the Wall Street Journal Jobs Summit today didn’t do much to ease the market’s inflationary concerns. “We expect that as the economy reopens and hopefully picks up, we will see inflation move up […]

FAANG Stocks Are Breaking Down… but This Sector Is Heating Up

I’ve spent the vast majority of my career zeroed in on nuanced details of the energy, metals and mining industries that few people pay attention to. For instance, when mining operations complete work on one section and move to another, that often causes a change in productivity.  In turn, that […]

Dr. Copper Signals Bull Market Is On

There’s no better barometer of economic health than copper. This is where it gets the nickname, Doctor Copper. Just over a year ago our models and data were flashing major warning signs in the market, with copper as the main focus. We took those warnings seriously and cautioned readers. What […]

Déjà Vu: Is This Armageddon, or Just Another GameStop Short Squeeze?

If it feels like you just read this article, it’s because you have. Although the stories have sometimes varied a little, the overall theme remains the same. Over the past couple of months, those stories have introduced some new characters who have pivoted the story in slightly different directions. To […]

The Big Short’s Michael Burry Is Warning About Inflation

The very first article I wrote for this website — just after Easter last year — was about inflation. I wrote about various aspects of it again in July… twice in August… in September… in December… and one more time in January. My Venture Society colleague Marin Katusa also wrote […]

Nuclear Winter: There Will be Power

This week a major winter storm ripped across most of the eastern United States. It caused major electrical blackouts and endangered the lives of millions of Americans. Texas, normally home to mild to mid winters saw temperatures dip below freezing and major snowstorms hit most of the state. Demand for […]

Winter Go BRRR: Arctic Blast Freezes Windmills as Gas, Power Prices Soar

If you’re reading this in Texas, I hope this finds you safe and warm… I know many are not, and our hearts go out to them right now. But sadly, struggling to stay warm amidst rolling blackouts and freezing Arctic temperatures is not the only thing over four million Texas […]

How Small Investors Can Hit It Big in Financings and Private Placements

After seeing it firsthand 20 years ago for the first time… I was blown away by the results of one particular investment tactic. Seeing this for myself was my first real insight into how a few well-connected investors can gain extraordinary wealth in bull markets. And make double, triple and […]

Bitcoin Soaring as Elon Musk YOLO’s $1.5B of Tesla Cash on Crypto

Elon Musk’s Twitter account has really been something to watch these past few weeks. From his meme stock joke egging on the Reddit crowd’s GameStop trade to this past week’s pumping up a literal joke cryptocurrency, he has entertained the masses while simultaneously frustrating the regulators. I mean, you can’t […]