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No Deal: Trump Nixes Stimulus Talks, Jeopardizing US Recovery

Keeping up with economic data these days is like drinking from a fire hose… it comes at you incredibly fast. And while I spent a lot of time today writing up this morning’s release of the US Balance of Trade data, its relevance as a headline was rendered useless at 2:48 PM […]

Second Wave of COVID-19 Slowing Global Recovery… The US is Next

Back on June 30th, I posted an article here about using alternative data to predict future outbreaks of COVID-19, suggesting that Google searches for “loss of smell” or “anosmia” predate a spike in cases by a few weeks. While at the time Europe was faring relatively well at beating back coronavirus outbreaks compared […]

Critical Lessons From Mining Royalty – Tom Kaplan and Ross Beaty

“If you could be cryogenically frozen for the next year, you’ll make a killing”-Tom Kaplan Gold and silver are correcting from their recent highs. If you’re new to the party, you’re probably worried. Financings that were hot and oversubscribed just 2 weeks ago are now underwater. Liquidity will become a […]

SPAC ATTACK: What Happens When Hot IPO’s and Financings Hit the Market in Tech and Gold

Initial Public Offering’s (or IPO for short) are riding high right now. You might’ve heard about the Snowflake IPO making headlines. It’s a company with a special type of deal structure that most investors might not have heard of before. And leading the charge and fury in the IPO markets […]

Snowflake’s IPO Will Make 1.5 Trillion… Rows of Data Easy To Analyze

In case you haven’t been able to tell by my writing these last few months, my entire workflow centers around data of all kinds. In the age of COVID, however, it hasn’t been enough for analysts to rely on traditional sources, as most of which aren’t updated very frequently. Instead, it has been crucial to find alternative […]

Back to School: A “Triple Lindy” of COVID Worries for US Parents

After what was an incredibly long, often exhausting layoff for parents all around the world, the new academic school year has finally begun in earnest. Unfortunately, the complete lack of Federal guidance has meant that state and local education authorities were essentially left on their own to lay out both remote learning options and […]

Fake News: Don’t Let the Headlines Fool You, China Trade Data Is Bad

I’m not going to lie… working in the financial industry these past five years has been exhausting. And frankly, the last five months have been doubly so. Every news segment and article has become so riddled with speculation and opinion, it gets harder and harder to figure out what’s actually happening in the […]

The Fed, Modern Monetary Theory and the Impact on the US Dollar

In normal times, businesses that need capital offer a reasonable rate of return to individuals or businesses who have capital. For example, a mining company might issue debt with a 10% coupon to expand their operations. It could hire a broker syndicate to sell those bonds to investors. Sometimes one […]

Robber Barons: Big Tech’s “New Gilded Age” Monopolies Hit a Wall

The late 19th century was one of the fastest developing periods in the history of the world… particularly so in the United States. During the lead-up to the Civil War, American entrepreneurism caused entire new industries to pop up right and left. Henry Bessemer’s industrial process to produce steel was patented in 1856. […]