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Bitcoin Blowup: Crypto Crashes and Cash Correlations

When I sit down in the morning to log in and peruse the markets, I usually start off by scrolling through my newsfeed on Twitter. Given I have to cover several markets simultaneously, I’ve curated all the people I follow into broad categories and assigned them to lists that I […]

Preparing for Chaos in 2021: Gold, Silver, Green New Deal Investments

Many of us are ready to forget about 2020. It was a tough year emotionally, physically, and financially for many. However, just because we are flipping the calendar doesn’t mean investment strategies need to flip too. The coronavirus sent markets into a tailspin in the early part of the year, […]

Georgia On My Mind: How the Runoff Election Will Affect Markets

About 20 years ago, I remember being incredibly excited to sit down and watch Ken Burns’ documentary on the history of Jazz.  Without a doubt, that class was by far one of the coolest that I took in college, and I was anxious to see what Burns — whose previous […]

Is 2021 the Death of Fiat Currency?

Do you have FOMO yet? If you didn’t put your cash to work in 2020, then you’re fighting the tide ignited by the Federal Reserve. Never in the history of the world has so much money been printed. Plus, if you’re an accountant and love seeing balanced books, you’ve likely […]

Finding the Spark: This Indicator Could Save You Thousands

If you’ve been following along with me over the past few months, you know I like to occasionally write about the craft that goes into the creative process. But I’ve never really taken the time to write about the creative process itself. And since I found myself with some extra […]

From Bye Weeks to Buying Stocks: What Football Can Teach Us About Market Timing

After starting the season a perfect 11-0, my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers have had a rough few weeks. Thanks to an outbreak of COVID-19 in the Baltimore Ravens camp, their game originally slated for the end of November was pushed back all the way to Wednesday, December 2nd.  Although they ultimately […]

Is Big Oil the New Tobacco?

The Surgeon General first concluded that cigarettes cause cancer and other diseases in its historic 1964 report. From 1976 to 1993, six independent studies found smoking accounted for between 6 and 8 percent of US healthcare costs, which amounted to more than $50 billion in 1993. To recover these costs, […]

Biden Wins Electoral College: What His First 100 Days Will Look Like

Well, it’s official… After much hemming and hawing, the Electoral College cast their votes yesterday.  And despite the near-constant din of denial, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. was confirmed as our new President-elect.  Although there were some concerns to the contrary, precisely zero so-called “faithless electors” factored into this year’s vote — awarding Biden his full allotment of […]

Four “I’s” Moving Markets Today: IPO’s, Initial Claims, Inflation, and Interest Rates

When my wife and I were still dating, there was a period of about a year (2008-2009) where she worked as an actress in New York City. And while I would have loved to tag along, I had just started on a new career path as an energy consultant and […]