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From Graceland to Homeless: Looming Evictions Require Swift Action

There are a few records that transport me back to a particular time and place, no matter when or where I listen to them. That’s not exactly uncommon – the link between music and memory is well documented – but it’s always deeply personal. In fact, it’s so personal and […]

Rock You Like a Hurricane… errr, Tropical Storm

Under normal circumstances, this is the space where I typically write a brief, sweeping narrative about a topic near and dear to my heart. But Hurricane Isaias – excuse me, Tropical Storm Isaias – is currently dumping gallon after gallon of water on my house. Winds aren’t expected to be […]

The Dethroning of the US Dollar

There used to be 3 things you could be certain of: Death, taxes and the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. But is the US Dollar’s recent weakness the beginning of the end? Many “YouTube experts”, investors that can fog a mirror and self-proclaimed gurus have jumped on this […]

Stew On This: Data Shows Economic Trends Take a Long Time to Cook

As I was wandering around on the “interwebs” the other night, I happened to run across an ad for a new short-form streaming service Quibi. In it, a staggering number of celebrities wearing hastily made costumes on haphazardly fashioned “sets” were re-enacting one of my all-time favorite movies, The Princess […]

Inflation Translation: Precious Metals are Trying to Tell Us Something

When I was studying guitar in high school, my focus largely centered on classical music. Primarily, that meant learning tons of excerpts from Bach’s Lute Suites, or pieces by guitar-specific composers like Mauro Giuliani, Isaac Albeniz, and Agustin Barrios. I genuinely loved both the material and my teacher – an […]

Copper: Bold, Hold, Fold or Who Cares it’s Not Gold?

The price of Copper has been on a tear. There’s an expectation in the markets that the big copper mines in Chile and Peru will be shutting down due to the virus. Combine that with the market’s belief that the government of China will stimulate their economy and thus buy […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: China Can’t Hide Trade Weakness

Back in my musician days, our tour schedule tended to be weighted toward the college semester, as those were our strongest markets. And as a result, we usually had a lot of time off in the summer to spend with family and friends. For me, that meant I’d watch a […]

Juiced: Europe Stimulus Is Just Sammy Sosa to the US’ Mark McGwire

I’m so excited for baseball season to start this week, I can barely contain myself. I’ve got my subscription to MLB.TV ready to go, some Nathan’s Famous hot dogs – the official wiener of MLB – ready to grill up, and some Miller Lite getting cold in the fridge. Yeah, […]

Is Silver on the Brink of a Major Move?

It’s a well-known strategy in cycling to win races. Cyclists ride in a peloton formation to conserve energy by drafting behind lead riders. The cyclists take turns being in the front and spending most of the energy. But for the riders behind the leaders, the resulting decrease in air resistance […]