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Recount: Market Lessons Learned From the 2000 Election

With the possible exception of Will Ferrell’s George Bush impression, most memories of the 2000 election aren’t exactly positive ones. I consider myself a pretty level-headed person, and even all these years later, the name “Chad” still induces a little cringe. Though admittedly it was a pretty solid Halloween costume. At any rate, there are […]

Top Gun: US Destroyer Buzzes Through Taiwan Strait, Rankles China

I’m not sure if there’s a more iconic 80’s movie than Top Gun. It has all the trappings of the era – a killer soundtrack, a tall blond antagonist, a quirky sidekick, an athletic montage, a blond love interest, Meg Ryan, and tons of one liners. Oh, and Tom Cruise. When it was announced they were making a sequel, all this pop culture (and aviation) enthusiast could think […]

Leverage: Robinhood Traders Piling into Call Options Again

Every year, there are three days that I look forward to more than any others. The first happens in mid-February, when Major League Baseball pitchers and catchers report to spring training, and the second is Opening Day. Sadly, both were disrupted this year by the outbreak of COVID-19, leaving those of us who “rely […]

Are Oil Wells Going Dry – And Is This the End of the Supermajor?

On August 27th, 1859, George Bissel and Edwin Drake changed the American petroleum industry forever. The two men were responsible for the first successful use of a drilling rig for a commercial well. Drilled especially for oil. Named the Drake well, and drilled to a whopping depth of 69 feet, […]

It’s All Relative: Banks, Funds Upbeat on Downtrodden US Economy

The hardest class I ever took in college was Physics, and it wasn’t even close. While some concepts were fairly straightforward – Newton’s Laws, for example – the mathematics underpinning them was anything but. Moreover, the successful communication of both concepts and mathematics often proved beyond the ability of mortal human professors. […]

Trump Doesn’t Pay Taxes, Why Should You?

How would you feel if you found out that the average American billionaire pays less in taxes than you do? Not just a little less. In fact, one of them has paid zero taxes in ten of the last fifteen years. In 2016 and 2017, he paid $750 a year in income taxes. […]

Eruption: Markets Explode Higher Despite Hurricane, Debates, COVID, Unemployment

From the moment I first tuned into MTV as a child in the early 1980’s, I was hooked for life. There was something about bringing a visual dimension into the music I loved that made it all the more memorable. But even with all the amazing records put out during that period […]

No Deal: Trump Nixes Stimulus Talks, Jeopardizing US Recovery

Keeping up with economic data these days is like drinking from a fire hose… it comes at you incredibly fast. And while I spent a lot of time today writing up this morning’s release of the US Balance of Trade data, its relevance as a headline was rendered useless at 2:48 PM […]

Second Wave of COVID-19 Slowing Global Recovery… The US is Next

Back on June 30th, I posted an article here about using alternative data to predict future outbreaks of COVID-19, suggesting that Google searches for “loss of smell” or “anosmia” predate a spike in cases by a few weeks. While at the time Europe was faring relatively well at beating back coronavirus outbreaks compared […]