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Just Keep Moving: Mobility Data Shows “The Real Economy”

Over the course of 9+ years, my fellow bandmates and I saw the country through the window of a 15-passenger van. From coast to coast, city to city, college town to college town, venue to venue – we racked up hundreds of thousands of miles behind the wheel in more […]

Robinhood Trading Exposed: Steal from the Poor and Give to the Ultra Rich

  It was touted as the trading platform set to level the playing field between the Wall Street one-percenters and the rest of the world. All thanks to its ease of access and nonexistent fees. Robinhood has quickly become the go-to trading platform for a generation of new investors, speculators […]

Father Knows Best: Stories, Sports, Sitcoms and Speculations

Hope everyone out there had a great Father’s Day weekend… our family celebrated in true “Every-dad” style by spending time outside in beautiful weather, making cocktails and grilling some delicious giant ribeyes. Source: Whole Foods, My Grill Being able to watch a baseball game would have made it perfect, but […]

The 7 Important Gold Signals to Watch Now

Is it too good to be true for gold? Or is this “it”? Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un’s sister, North Korea just blew up a South Korean liaison office. Talk about making a debut! There are growing tensions between India and China at a Himalayan border which led […]

Fortune Telling: Reading the Tea Leaves on China and Bolton

About 20 years ago, when I was a musician and teacher based out of the Morgantown, WV area, I had a little 1-bedroom apartment across the Monongahela River in the city of Westover. It was one of a series of garage apartments situated way back from the main road, which […]

How to Keep this Kangaroo Market From Kicking You Into Next Week

Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot of news coming through on the various Financial TV networks that I don’t see first somewhere else… usually Twitter or on the Bloomberg Terminal. That said, I usually have them on in the background when I sit down at the desk in the morning, […]

The Single Data Point That Changed Everything

Dear Reader, This past week, every economist and analyst was blown away. The United States defied all odds as the unemployment rate declined to 13.3% instead of soaring towards 20%. Instead of millions more being unemployed, 2.5 million Americans went back to work. Like I said in last week’s missive, America […]

Fast & Furious? – Diesel Inventories Surged, Profits Purged

I love cars. However, it is an interest that came much later in life for me. As a touring musician, I spent the bulk of my 20’s seeing the country from behind the wheel of a 16-passenger van, and not so much a 16-cylinder Bugatti Veyron. So when the Fast […]

The Walking Dead: Zombie Companies Eating the Market Alive

I love a good zombie movie… honestly, I kind of even like the bad ones. Growing up a somewhat nerdy kid in the shadow of Pittsburgh, George Romero’s horror classic Night of the Living Dead was mandatory viewing. Kids in my hometown would incredulously ask each other “did you know […]