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Why We Need to Build a New America

If there’s one lesson that investors need to internalize, it’s that past performance is no guarantee of future returns… that is to say, history doesn’t repeat itself. But as many have pointed out over the years, it does often rhyme. For instance, no two bear markets are the same, but […]

King Dollar Sounds a Market Alarm

Central Bank created cash around the world has propped up major stock markets and indices like the NASDAQ, DJIA and S&P 500. This creates a stark distinction between a “V recovery” in the stock market and the harsh reality of the real economy. Double-digit unemployment rates, negative GDP across the […]

Helping the Helpers

Literally every human being to whom I have spoken recently is flat-out exhausted. The balance of work and life, especially as a parent of a young child, has been challenging to achieve under quarantine conditions. In fact, I’m writing this piece while simultaneously printing out today’s Kindergarten assignment sheet, logging […]

$ave Dat Money: Consumer Spending Data Shows Staggering Reversal

I’ve been writing for a few weeks now about the genuine changes in consumer behavior that are taking place around the world as governments respond to COVID-19. Basically, the thesis has been that because of massive layoffs and increased remote working, consumers are spending far less than they ever have […]

Beware of the Greatest Insider Gold Trade Scheme EVER

If you are a bullion holder in a Negative Swap Line (-SWAP) Nation – please pay attention. Bernard Baruch was one of the wealthiest speculators in American history. He started with nothing and worked his way up to becoming a war effort hero and a trusted advisor to many Presidents during […]

There is no Spoon: Central Banks Try to Print Away Market Risk

It’s hard to love pop culture, economics, and general nerdery as much as I do without eventually conjuring up some imagery from The Matrix. That movie is so jam-packed with catchy, universally insightful, infinitely quotable one-liners that the analogies practically wrote themselves long ago. When you set out to obtain […]

USO Crazy: What Happens When an Oil ETF Can’t Buy Oil?

I don’t think I’ve ever received as many phone calls, emails, or text messages in one day as I did when oil prices went negative last month. I am still catching up with all those folks, which is frankly a welcome task during our continued isolation. By far, the most […]

The First City of Capitalism: Silver’s Time to Shine

Powered by an intricate set of 22 dams, 140 mills churned out silver. It was an impressive feat of engineering given the time. Slaves were forced to carry 25 loads of 100-pound sacks per day. At an elevation of 13,000 feet, death was a frequent occurrence as pneumonia and respiratory […]

Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes: Turn and Face the “Strain”-ge

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 began, Brazil is one of the countries I have watched closely. Primarily, that’s because I have traveled there far more than any other single country – primarily through professional obligations as a natural resource and industrial analyst. Because of that experience, I have a lot […]