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WPTV: How to Profit From the Presidential Election Cycle

Do you know what the presidential election cycle theory is? It’s a theory that suggests equity market returns go through the same pattern after each presidential election.  The theory suggests that U.S. stock markets perform the weakest during the first year of a new president’s term. During the second year, […]

WPTV: The Markets Under A Biden Presidency

Have you considered how the stock markets are going to look under a Joe Biden presidency? Well, let’s look at what has already happened: We’re a few days removed from a fiasco of a presidential election, and two companies reporting excellent Phase 3 results from their respective COVID-19 vaccines. Live […]

WPTV: A New Approach To Trading the Stock Market

Most people don’t know this… But after every election, a few select stocks shoot higher — sometimes by double or even triple digits. And investors who know what these stocks are can expect huge payouts in no time flat.  That’s why it’s so important for investors to find the right […]
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Trump or Biden: What’s on the Horizon?

We’re a couple days removed from the initial presidential election night with no clear winner in sight… yet markets were on a tear once again today, with the S&P 500 gaining more upside and the Nasdaq continuing one of the sharpest post-election rallies on record. Will all this upside continue? […]
Stock Market Update

WealthPress TV: A Trump or Biden Presidency — How the Market will React

With the presidential election just days away in the United States, things in the stock market are volatile and chaotic…  And with things predicted to only get worse until a candidate is chosen, how sure are you that your investments will be protected from all this political turmoil? Market experts […]
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The Next Unicorn Tech Stock Is Here

WealthPress TV has just made history: For the first time ever, market professional and Future of Wealth founder Lance Ippolito sits down with WPTV’s Jeff Yastine to help you learn how to get in on the next tech giant before it starts growing! Lance has been incredibly fortunate to make […]

The Next Technology That Will Change the World

When you think of space, what comes to mind?   Astronauts? Aliens? A vast unknown? When Midas Letter Head Trader James West thinks of outer space, he sees an investable sector worth trillions… 2020 has brought traders a quick-moving opportunity that’s the result of a convergence of these seemingly unrelated events. […]
Stock Market Update

WealthPress TV: Trading With Algorithms

WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott has just made an appearance on WealthPress TV, and we couldn’t be more thrilled… and you should be too! He gave us all a first-class experience (and rundown) of what it’s like to trade with algorithms.  You see, Roger was around when these “market machines” […]

WealthPress TV: Breaking Down the Stock Market with Josh Martinez

When traders just look at one time frame and one chart to find every variable of a successful trade (entry, exit, stops, risk management), they’re basically stunting their growth. Start looking at your trades like you’re running a business: When there’s just one person running everything on their own, the […]
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[Get a jumpstart with this FREE stock pick!]